Saturday, 18 February 2012

TAST 2012-Week7, Detached chain stitch

These are some of my trials for TAST.
The neck design which I have worked using the motif below is over.  Have a look.  Sorry for the blurred image.  Try to take a better snap and repost it.

Here Simple detached chain stitch is used.  But before fixing the tail of the chain a small round bead is added and then it is fixed.  It forms a beautiful motif.  I am working on a neck for the blouse.  The work is in progress.  Will show u later.   Now have a look at the motif.

Next is also the simple detached chain stitch.  Here I have added the cut bead before the fixing the tail to form this shape.
That's all for this weeks challenge.  Had fun with Lazy Daisy.

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