Friday, 3 August 2012

Blanket stitch Honey comb - Embroidery

This is a variation of button hole stitch.  I have seen this first in Lakshmi's blog.  Being inspired by her network stitch project I  have decided to do this.  She called this stitch as network stitch.  Later, in Sarah's stitch dictionary she has named it as blanket stitch honey comb.  Since it is a variation of blanket stitch I stick to the name blanket stitch honey comb.  It is very easy to do and intersting.  Yields beautiful results for filling an area of a flower. 

Thought of doing a project using this stitch.  For sarees, it takes a long time to complete the project.  So I have started to do this in a kurti(an old plain saree transformed into a kurti). Here, is the motif I have made for the sleeves. 

This is the motif which I have embroidered for the border.  Two more motifs are yet to be completed.

Leaves are done using fishbone stitch, stems using portuguese stem stitch.  Small bud like things in the stems are detached chain stitch tacked up with a small round bead.  Inside the big flower I thought of attaching a sequin once the embroidery part is over.

One of my old project using this stitch is here.

The completed project is here.

If any of u need the design for this motifs feel free to ask thru comments.  I will post it in my blog.

comments and suggestions are always welcome b'coz it will be encouraging to me.

Happy Embroidering,
Shami Immanuel.


  1. very neat and perfect stitching you have done..colors chosen are also nice..

  2. Great work...look beautiful !!!!

  3. Thank you Issheelan....Yes, I am so happy that Sharon highlighted my Pekinese sampler this week.Here is the link for coasters.


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