Monday, 29 July 2013

A saying with a cross stitch border

I Love to embroider letters.  Earlier I have embroidered The Lord's Prayer and this is my second project in letter embroidering. It is a small project and I like the wordings.  I have got the pattern from here.  You can get lots and lots of patterns big and small with charts in this site. Used Back stitch for the letter and the border in cross stitch. I have used OHP sheet for the front and back of the cross stitched pieced and made the border with the colored glittering cellotape. How is it? 



  1. Gorgeous blue Shami....and I totally agree with the quote....people should laugh more as its a real tonic!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  2. An embroidered message is a good way to make people look at your work! If you simply stitch a flower only people who like flowers or embroidery will move close and look. Text however, is intriguing and draws a lot of attention.
    I like the quote and the sparkly frame.

  3. very neat work as always..:-)


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