Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Plastic canvas Photo frame

In one of my previous posts I have shown a cross stitched swans.  U can see it here.  I have created a frame for it so that I can hang it in the wall.  Used plastic canvas and crochet and it is now ready to adorn the wall.  Ta - da - da...

In the wall
I have used OHP sheet for the front and back of the cross stitched piece.  The orange color portion of the frame is T stitch(needlepoint stitch).  To work up a T stitch u can refer this page. Then  Using sc, hdc, dc and trc' s of crochet I have created the scalloped edge for the frame.  Hope u all like it.  I'll end this post with a close up of the T stitch and scalloped edge.

I have blogged about some more photo frames earlier.  U can view it here.
I will come up with one more photo frame in my coming posts. 


  1. That is a neat frame for the cross stitched swans. I like the combination of T-stitch and crochet. Lovely to see.

  2. hey superb....it adores ur wall no doubt...:-)

  3. It looks very nice!! I liked the idea of OHP sheet. The green border looks pretty!! Well done!!
    I too was working on plastic canvas last week. Not sure when will I post about it. I complete a project very soon in enthusiasm but then it lays around for quite a long time for finishing touches.

  4. Great idea!It's simple but beautiful.

  5. A new like from a fellow cross stitcher. Wonderful way of finishing the stitched piece.


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