Friday, 29 August 2014

Kutch work blouse Neck

In my last post I have shown an embroidered kutch work blouse.  I had to remove the embroidered part of the neck because of the flop in the stitching.  After that it was looking very plain and I was forced to do some embroidery.Then I came up with this.  A line of chain stitch and simple kutch work.  I like this design than the previous one.  Have a look. 

I have completed the embroidery in the saree also.  After ironing it, I will take snaps and show you in my next post.  Till then, Happy Embroidering.


  1. It's looking nice. Did you do on the sleeves as well?

  2. beautiful work Shami! liked both this and the previous design as well.. have a great day!

  3. wow so neat and elegant work....


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