Monday, 9 December 2013

Chikankari paisley

This is another chikan work motif, a paisley design which was with me for a long time to get embroidered.  I have got this design through Indus ladies. I have used double back stitch(Bhakya stitch).  I have embroidered in ordinary cotton fabric.  So the shadow work has not been highlighted.  Therefore,  I have taken the photograh with a light under the fabric.  And now, I hope the shadow work is visible.  Now have a look at it.

I have used this piece of fabric to stitch a new cover for my sewing machine.  With that cover I will meet u in my next post.


  1. Extremely beautiful Shami...

  2. WOW Shami such delicate work.I cant sew much but can sit back and admire your creations.

  3. Wow Superb your work Shami.... I want to learn this stitches but how to learn it?
    But your all work is very nice....

  4. Shadow work is great as it can show the depth of the colours in different strength according to the light.
    It's a beautiful design! Lucky sewing machine!

  5. Very beautiful! Its so intricate :-)

  6. So beautiful Shami! Guess I should brush up my embroidery skills soon :)

  7. nice


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