Saturday, October 31, 2015

Smalls SAL - October finish, Needlepoint block

Randje per week is cross stitched borders published in this blog every week. I am saving them for the past two years.  I have started to do the borders as a part of  smalls SAL this month.  Cross stitched with two strands of thread of green and pink threads.  Done a crochet border using pearl cotton no.8 thread.  Turned the cross stitched piece into a coaster.  Happy with the outcome.  

Completed one more needlepoint block.

The top and bottom row with orange color thread is Plaited square diagonal stitch. It can be used to fill large spaces. The other rows in the middle are Double tied oblong cross and its variations.  It forms a nice border.  Both these stitches does not cover the canvas.  Tent stitch can be used to cover it.  I didn't fill it up coz I like it as it is.

The three rows in the sampler so far. I have to complete one more row with four more blocks and the framing should be done with white thread.   

That's all for today.  Will meet u with another finish next week.  Till then happy cross stitching and embroidering.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tapestry crochet purse, Needlepoint block

In the world of crochet, I have been introduced to the concept of tapestry crochet thru the blog littlewoollie. You can see  So many wonderful projects on tapestry crochet in that blog.  She has given a neat and crisp tutorial for doing tapestry crochet.  I have followed that tute and has made a small piece  and turned that piece into a small purse.  I have used scraps of yarn for this piece.  Over to the purse now.

Also I have added a block in my needlepoint sampler.  I have done three stitches in the same block.  The first yellow band is upright cross, the band with red and green is rice stitch and the block in the middle with purple and green is byzantine stitch

I have tried some more samples in interlocking crochet.   Will come up with that in another post.  Till then happy crocheting ad happy embroidering.

I am linking this post to the Vintage embroidery Monday stitchery link party.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Rhodes Stitch and WIP's

My next block in my needlepoint sampler is Rhodes Heart.  It's an easy one.  Learned the stitch from here.  I worked the background in tent stitch and scotch stitch.  Tent stitch filling make the piece more stiff.  I think I should use 4 strands of thread instead of 6.  Lesson learned.

I have completed the second page of my mega cross stitch project.  The parrots are taking shape.  Thanks Preeti for pointing out my mistake of not making the stitches in the same direction.  I can see the beauty of making the stitches in the same direction.  It took 26 hrs to finish the second page.

 Have a happy weekend.