Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Lazy Daisy stitch sample

This is a simple sample for lazy daisy stitch.  I have used three strands of cotton embroidery thread for lazy daisy stitch and two strands for the stems(stem stitch).


Thursday, December 12, 2013

sewing machine cover

I am having a singer talent 3321 sewing machine which I received as a gift from my DH for my birthday.  I found a tutorial for sewing a cover here.  Thanks to Vanessa.  Here I have used the fabrics from my worn out night dresses.  I was not perfect in my attempt but I am happy that I have tried one and it fits my machine.  Also I have used the embroidered piece which makes me more happy.  It is a chikankari  embroidery paisley and I have a post about it here. 

For the edge of the cover instead of using the bias binding I have used a satin ribbon and it works out perfectly. 
I have started to sew different blocks used in quilts with the old fabrics as a process of recycling.  I will come up with that in the coming posts. 
Till then, Happy embroidering and sewing.   

Monday, December 9, 2013

Chikankari paisley

This is another chikan work motif, a paisley design which was with me for a long time to get embroidered.  I have got this design through Indus ladies. I have used double back stitch(Bhakya stitch).  I have embroidered in ordinary cotton fabric.  So the shadow work has not been highlighted.  Therefore,  I have taken the photograh with a light under the fabric.  And now, I hope the shadow work is visible.  Now have a look at it.

I have used this piece of fabric to stitch a new cover for my sewing machine.  With that cover I will meet u in my next post.