Monday, December 4, 2023

Kutch embroidery motif for sarees

 Hi all

Hope all are doing well and good. Today I am happy to share with you an easy Kutch embroidery motif that can be used as an overall motif for your sarees or as a single motif for your Kurtis. 

I have used two colours for this design for a change a dark and light shade of purple. And I have used 3 strands of thread throughout the design.  Video tutorial is available below.  

You can draw this pattern in a 8 lines per inch graph paper and trace the design onto the fabric using tracing paper.

Video Tutorial below 

Hope you all like this design.  Do give a try and drop in your feedback’s in the comments section.

I am preparing an ebook with all the Kutch work designs I have created for my projects and YouTube videos.  Hoping to release it soon. 

See you soon in my next design.  Till then have a nice time with your needle n thread.