Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Embroidery design 5 - Buttonhole stitch Neck design

Hello all,

I am very late in posting this months free design.  When I was ready with my design to post, a lot of unpleasant things happened in our city last week. For three days the shops were closed, buses were stopped and nothing was normal. Protest to ban Sterlite(A factory which manufactures copper) was going on and it ended up in a heart broken way.  If u want to know more about it just google or search in you tube. Internet was not there for more than 3 days.  But now everything is coming back to normal slowly.  But the victims and their families of the protest are suffering a lot.  That factory has to be banned bcoz sulphuric acid is getting mixed up with the air for more than 22 yrs. Arsenic has been mixed up with the land and ground water. Since it is poisonous all the people of tuticorin are struggling to ban it for the welfare of our future generations.  Now government has issued orders to close the factory, but we don't know how long  it will be closed. Money is playing a major role in this matter and only God has to save us.  Ok,  leave it.

Let me give the free design for this month. It is a buttonhole stitch design.  Easy to do and you can complete it fast. You can stick stones or make a french knots in the centre of the flowers.

Now the pattern

Stitches used:

Flowers - Buttonhole stitch(2 strands)
Stem - Back stitch(3 strands)
Leaves - Lazy Daisy stitch(3 strands)
Neckline - Chain stitch variation(6 strands)(you can also go for herringbone or chevron stitch)

Threads used:
Flowers - 20(maroon)
stem and leaves - 188(green shade)

I will update this post with the method I have done the chain stitch variation.  Last month I have promised to do kantha border for this months free design.  I was not able to complete it.  So I have uploaded this design as this has been in my drafts.  Next month I will come up with the kantha embroidery border design.  Before that some more finished pieces are waiting to be showcased here.  So do watch my space.  Till then, Bye.