Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Crocheted blue doily

This is my latest blue doily.  I got the pattern as free from the net.  Completed in a day.  I liked the way the single crochets takes the shape of the pineapples and the scalloped edging in the last round was very interesting to make.  I like the color of the doily.  The completed doily have a look.

You can also have a look at my white doily,  pink doily, Ribbon Rose doily.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Kamal Kadai work saree

Hello, my lovely readers.  Hope all of you might have a great week end.  In this post I am showing you a saree project which I have started a week back.
After learning Kamal Kadai work I have done a project on cotton kurti and it came up well.  From then I was wishing to do a kamal kadai project on a saree and the day came.  I have bought a plain chiffon saree and selected a portion of the design from the book Kamal work flower design(book No 19) of Mahila art centre.  I will give a review of the book some time later. 
Then the process of selecting the colors.  Uff........  with great difficulty I decided on doing the kamal kadai flowers with pearl cotton thread(Those threads were lying in my thread box idle for more than 6 months after purchasing) and it is easy to do that with pearl cotton thread.  Then for the stems and leaves part I have selected a variegated anchor cotton thread (no: 1335)  and I hope it looks good.  Waiting for your feedbacks.  Center of the flowers has to be embellished with some stones or sequins. 
 Now the close up of the flowers.  I have managed to do cretan stitch for leaves and for the stem I have done whipped running stitch because I have bored on doing stem stitch and chain stitch.  I like the wavy pattern of the stem.  What about u?

I have completed the border in the pallu.  In order to complete the saree without getting bored I have decided to do each day one pink and blue flowers and the stem and the leaves associated to it .  Hope I will be finishing this project within a month.  Let me see .  Till then, Happy Embroidering.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Crocheted Heart basket

This is a small project done by me when I get bored on doing my embroidery on saree.  I have displayed this in my showcase.  can keep some tiny things inside.  How is it?  I got this pattern from petalstopictos.  Thanks Kara for such a cute pattern.

heart basket

I have started embroidering a saree and finished some motifs in it.  I will come up with that embroidery in my next post.  So keep an eye on my blog.  Till then, HAPPY CROCHETING.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Puff stitch cell phone cover

This is a cell phone cover crocheted.  Other than sc's and dc's in crochet I thought of going for puff stitch(it includes sc and dc)  and got this pattern from here.  The stitch front post sc(fpsc) creates a different texture in crochet.  The final outcome is here.  Easily done within a day.  whenever I get bored with long project with the same color scheme and pattern I switch over to a small one which can be completed within a day or two and it gives a pleasure and satisfaction of completing a work in a day.

I will be back with a small crocheted heart basket.  Till then Happy crocheting.
Have a happy weekend.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Crocheted table mat

This is a table mat which I have crocheted long back.  It has been done in blocks and joined only last week. The pattern is from here.Similarly other patterns for stick and tree are also in that blog.  In this project I was not perfect in joining the squares.  I know practice makes perfect. I have to practice more on joining.

How is it?  

Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Lord's Prayer - Cross stitch

For so many months I have been thinking of embroidering letters in cross stitch.  I have came across this pattern in the net and cross stitched in 10 count aida fabric.  I have to frame it.  For the border I have used variegated cotton thread and for the letters 6 strands of brown thread.  Happy that I have cross stitched Lord's prayer.