Thursday, December 31, 2015

Bye bye 2015

2015 is a productive year. It's a year with both joy and sorrows , ups and downs, learned new things.  As a whole I feel blessed at the end of this year.  Today I sat down and made a photo collage of all the ta.. da.. moments of my crafty side of this years. Only today I have learned how to make collage using picasa. So much I have done and satisfied and I am ready to welcome the new year 2016.  Let the pictures speak about what I have done in 2015.

Crochet finishes

Cross stitch finishes 

Embroidery finishes

Zentangle - A new find in this year

Tried my hands on quilling, iris folding and some paper crafts.

Altogether I am satisfied on the crafty front.  Hope the same productivity in 2016.  Bye bye 2015.  Welcome 2016.  

I wish all my reader a very happy and prosperous new year.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Small stitching for christmas

Hi all,
 Hope all of u are busy with x'mas preparations.  In my part we r not that much interested in doing x'mas decorations like before coz of the flood.  Just I have made a small stitching with the words that gives the meaning of x'mas.  It is a free blackwork pattern but done in red and green colors.  

After framing

I have done some snowflakes and stars too for a bunting. Will post it after christmas.  Only one more week for christmas.  So A very happy and merry christmas for all those who are celebrating it.