Thursday, September 19, 2019

Pistil stitch flower and MCP update

Hello all

It's been more than a month I have posted my crafty things here.  Though so many things are being done on the craft side I was not able to blog about it.  I am doing slow and steady progress in my bigger projects.  

In between the bigger projects I used to try some samples of the embroidery stitches.  Now I am doing different flowers with different stitches.  This year I have done embroidery work on kurtis with french knots and ring knots.  As a continuation to these knot stitches this time I have tried Long french knots or pistil stitch.  It came out perfect. 

 Initially I have tried with all the six strands of thread.  But I didn't like the appearence of it.  Then I have tried with 4 strands, two times wound the thread around the needle and it was perfect for me.  Have a look at the sample.

A pearl bead has been added at the centre.

Stitches used:
Flower - Pistil stitch or Long french knots
Leaf - Leaf stitch (used two colors for leaf)
sprays - Straight stitches with french knots at the tip
Vein of the leaf - stem stitch

Thread Numbers ( Anchor embroidery thread)
Flower - 74 (4 strands, wound two times around needle)
Leaf and stem - 237, 239(3 strands)
French knots - (4 strands, wound one time around needle)

For the leaf I have done leaf stitch leaving little spaces in between and then added straight stitches in the gap with the second color of green and it looks good than stitching in a single color.

Update on Harmony Cross stitch project
I am happy that I have completed one more page on mega cross stitch project and I have started the section three of the design.



In my next post I will be showing one of my stitch sampler of the family of straight stitches and a design made out of it.  So do watch my space.  Till then, have a happy time with needle n thread.