Saturday, August 27, 2016

Needlepoint purse and some kits I own

Hello all,

Hope all r doing good.  Everything is going on fine from my side and I am busy with embroidering kurtis.  In between that I have done a needlepoint piece and I have turned that into a purse.  The piece of canvas which I have done the needlepoint embroidery is this.

I have done blanket stitch all around.  Then folded the piece into half and sewed along both the sides with hand.  Then added zipper and lined the purse.   It's all done.

Stitch used: Double brick stitch
Done on single taar canvas with 6 strands of threads.
Used three shades of green and yellow color of rangoli thread.

Since the canvas has evenly spaced holes I used back stitch to attach the zip and I find it very easy.  planning to do more on needlepoint cushions.

When my DH went to Thailand for a business conference he got me some cross stitch kits and some stitching accessories.  All these items are from Pinn and B2S shop in the central world plaza, Thailand.  He just picked up randomly and got all these except the dmc threads. 

Below one is a bag making kit.  The instructions are written in  chinese language and should try it with the pictures in the instructions.  It will take ages for me.  

some stitching and sewing accessories. A yo yo maker, quilting thimble, bias tape maker and two needles.

Also some DMC threads for a cross stitch project.

And this kit is in my stash for so many years and this is from pony craft store.

Hope I have not bored you with so many images.  In my next post I will come up with my crochet doily which I have completed months back.  Till then, have a happy time with needle and thread.  Happy weekend.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Published in Needle n thread and a kasuti Finish


Hope all of u r enjoying u'r weekend. And I am also enjoying it.  The best part today is I baked a chocolate mug cake with my 7 year old son.  He was with me from the beginning till end.  And the cake turned out well and yummy.  

Thank you all for your concern towards my mother and the lovely comments on my crochet bag.  

From July beginning onwards I wanted to share my happy  moment with you all.  But got postponed coz of the family situations.  My Kasuti design got published in Anchor Needle n Thread magazine.  It is a quarterly design magazine from the makers of the wold's finest embroidery threads.  I think this is the only needlework magazine in India.  Is there any other magazine in India related to needlework?  If it is there do let me know.  I am happy that I have taken my first step in designing necklines.  

At this happy moment I am also happy to showcase the kasuti kurti.  Already I have done the same design in black silk cotton fabric.  This time I have choosen blue silk cotton as the base fabric.  Three strands of light pink anchor embroidery threads have been used.  As it looks plain I have embellished it with the pink sequins. 

Neck Part

Front body of the kurti

Front border

Buttas all over the body

Sleeve border

This kurti measures 2 and 1/2 metres.  So if any one is interested in buying this piece do leave a comment with your mail id.  I will contact you.

There are so may WIP's in my work basket.  A bad habit of mine is ,  I will do so many things at a time and at the end of the day if i turn back and see I can say that day was not productive.  It leads to some dissatisfaction of not doing any thing.  So I have decided to concentrate on only one project at a time and if I get bored I should do the Mega cross stitch project which I have left unattended.  So in the last two weeks I have completed the needlepoint purse and completed the embellishment in this kurti as well.  Now time to concentrate on three more kurti's I am making on custom order. 

I will be back with my needlepoint purse and the stash I purchased over the last few months.  Till then, Have a happy and creative time with your needle and thread.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Crochet bag - Finished

Hello all,

Hope all r doing well. I started doing well after two weeks, since my mother had cardiac arrest , pulse went below 30  bcoz of pulmonary edema( accumulation of fluid in lungs.  She is fine now purely because of God's grace. She went close to death bed and at that time the situation around her was all favourable, relatives around her, vehicle to rush to hospital, a good hospital near by and a good doctor on duty at 9'o clock at night.  Above all God's amazing grace has been with us and she came back to conscious after two days and pulse rate improve slowly and steadily. After 12 days of hospitalization she was fine and doing well now.  I am bit relieved now and both my father and mother r managing on their own with the help of some of my relatives.  Me and my brother are far away from them.  Having parents in a far off place and ourselves some where, some times make us to feel down.  Everything will be well if they r fine.  And if they r caught up in such situations we kids will feel depressed  and I was in a depressed state last two weeks.  

But God has not let us down, its like bent but not broken.  He is there on our side and now everything is going well  with all of us.  Praise GOD.

I have finished a crocodile stitch crochet bag.  I have done this with variegated yarn and a 4mm hook. For the handle I have used wooden handle purchased from pradhan embroidery stores.  Have a look at the bag.

I have made a oval shape flat bottom with single crochets in round.

For the zipper I have done blanket stitch around the zipper and then attached it to the bag using whip stitch.  Since the crocodile stitch creates a thick texture I didn't line up the bag with any fabric.

Can u see some stitches with lavender and pink colors.  It is a plastic canvas piece with needle point stitches.  I have sewed it to the oval shape bottom to make the bag to stand sturdy.  And now I have enough room to hold my things.  

Previously I have done a crocodile stitch bag.  You can see it here.  Embroidery in the kasuti kurti is over.  Now I have started to embellish it with sequins since it looks plain.  So this crocheted bag took over in the blog post. My next post is Finished kasuti kurti.

While I was in the hospital with my mom I whipped up some lacy granny squares.  Now joining part if remaining.  This time I am trying a new method to join the squares and it is coming up nicely.  


Also, a needlepoint purse has been started. 

So many projects are there in my WIP basket.  Also I have stashed some kits, threads and yarns.  I do have a happy moment to share with you all. will come up with that news and kurti in my next post.  Till then, Happy Crocheting.