Monday, March 28, 2016

Kasuti Yoke and Border - Finished

Hi friends,

As I have promised in my last post I am here to show the kasuti embroidery yoke and border.  This time I have embroider this in small pieces of fabric so that it can be attached to the main piece.  I have got the kasuti embroidery net from Raja thread stores in chennai but the no of holes per inch is larger than the one which I had earlier.  That's why stitches are somewhat longer.  But it gives perfect look like before.  

Fabric used : Black color silk cotton
Thread used: Anchor embroidery thread
No. of strands: 3
Design taken from: Mridulas school of embroidery - kasuti applications book



I have just placed the embroidered pieces on top of the fabric just for an idea how it can be attached to the fabric.

Two years back I have embroidered the same design but with different border.  You can view that piece here.

If any of you is interested in buying this piece do mail me at

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Crochet solid granny bag

First of all thanks for all your valuable comments for my cross stitch Jesus on cross. 

Last year I have purchased some variegated yarn in an idea of crocheting a blanket.  But I am not pleased with the colors after crocheting the solid granny square and then I decided to change those squares into a bag.  I am happy with the finish.  Made lining with hand. Attached velcro inside and a button outside as an embellishment.

For the handle I crocheted few rows of sc's and then folded vertically and joined with slip stitch.  It gives a nice firm handle. Hope all of you like it.

I am done with my kasuti embroidered neck and border.  And also i am in the finishing stage of a crochet doily.  Will be back with my kasuti work soon.  Till then, do watch my space.  Happy crocheting.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Jesus on the cross

For christians Lent is a holy season remembering the sufferings of our saviour Jesus christ on the cross.  Last year I have started to work on this design and I thought this will be the right season to finish this.  Everyday I have progressed little by little on the month of february and it is completed now.  Happy that it is going to adorn my wall after framing.

The design is taken from alitadesigns.  The link for the chart is here.  So many cute and small designs can be found in that site.

I have crocheted a square.  The name of this square is big june and the pattern is taken from here.   Simple stitches creates a textured square.  I like it very much.

On my embroidery hoop is a kasuti project.  I've got the kasuti net from Raja thread stores chennai.   Will be back with another finish.  Till then, Happy cross stitching and crocheting.

I am linking this post to smalls SAL for February.