Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Kantha Embroidery - Dhaneer Sheesh in leaf

 Hi all

Hope all are staying safe and doing good.  Yesterday I have posted the tutorial for working dhaneer sheesh stitch in arrow shape.  Today I am going to show how to apply that stitch to a leaf.  

Start with a leaf structure and draw some lines slantingly as shown in the picture below.   We are going to stitch the area marked with black lines.  


Start from the centre of the leaf and complete any one portion. After completing half of the leaf it will look like as shown.

Now complete the other portion. and the leaf with dhaneer sheesh looks like below.

Now work the outline of the stitch in Paichano or whipped running stitch.  A completed leaf look like the one below.

Soon I will post a design to work on dhaneer sheesh arrow in leaf.  Till then have a nice time.

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Kantha Embroidery - Dhaneer Sheesh in arrow shape, Paichano-Wipped Running Stitch

 Hi all

Hope all are staying safe and doing good.  In kantha embroidery series today's stitch is working dhaneer sheesh stitch in arrow shape.

Dhaneer sheesh stitch when worked in arrow shapes forms a nice and unique border.  Let's move on to see the design.  Here we have to stitch inside the Start with the left end of the arrow and move towards right.  We have to fill the space inside the arrows.  If you are new to this page please refer working of dhaneer sheesh stitch here.

Trace the following design to work dhaneer sheesh in arrow shape

Start working the running stitch from the left end of the arrow and move towards right.  First row is complete.

Now start from the right side and just below the first row and continue in the same manner.

After completing the design it will look like this.  Dhaneer sheesh in arrow is completed. 


Another one basic stitch used in kantha embroidery is Paichano.  It nothing but whipped running stitch used in crewel embroidery.  Most of us know what is whipped running.  But for those who don't know how to work whipped running stitch, follow the steps below.

Work a line of running stitches.

Bring the needle up near the last stitch.  Insert the needle under the thread of the last stitch from top without picking the fabric. Pull through the thread.

Same way insert the needle under all the stitches from the top without picking the fabric. 

The running stitch base is whipped now and the paichano stitch in kantha embroidery is ready.

Hope the tutorial is clear.  Tomorrow I will post the design to work the dhaneer sheesh arrow in leaf.  Till then have a nice time with needle and thread.  

You can check the following image link for a fusion of crochet flower and kantha emrboidery cushion and a rich kantha work duppatta.  
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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Guess the stitch - Win an e-book / Giveaway - 1

 Hi all

Hope all are staying safe and doing good.  Today just for fun I have decided to do a guessing game.  Yesterday I was stitching a design for another embroidery stitch tutorial.  I thought let me show the flower and ask the viewers to guess the stitch.  

Those who guess the stitch do send your answers through the contact form in the right side bar of my web page.  Please do the following steps
  1.   write your name in the name box,
  2.  Email  in the email box
  3. 'Stitch name'  in the message box.  Along with the stitch name kindly say 'yes' or 'no'.  Please do give your consent to add you to my email list to get notifications of my latest blog posts. 

If you are viewing the page in mobile do go to the web version of the page and you will find the contact form in the right side bar.

For those who are giving the right answers I will mail you my e-book "FIVE EMBROIDERY DESIGNS FOR BEGINNERS".  The book includes printable patterns, stitch tutorial and stitch key for the designs found in the following picture .  All the designs were posted in  my blog.  But in the PDF I have compiled everything together.

What to do if you don’t know the answer? Simply fill in the contact form with your name and email I’d. I will send you a small surprise to your mail. 

I will take the answers till wednesday 12 pm IST.  On Wednesday evening I will tell the stitch name with the tutorial of the stitch and a design for  you to stitch with that stitch.  

Waiting for your answers.  It will encourage me to publish more regarding embroidery.  Thank you and have a nice day.  

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Kantha Embroidery Design - 4

 Hi all

Hope all are staying safe and doing good.  In Kantha embroidery series today I am happy to share with you another design that uses Chakra Butti and Bejod stitch.  This design can be used repeatedly to cover an area of the fabric.  

Pattern for the design

Stitches used
Flowers - Chakra Butti
Stem - Running stitch
Small circles  - straight stitches one upon another

The fabric which worked is black colour silk cotton.  Anchor embroidery threads of colour numbers 926, 324 and 185 are used.  3 strands of threads are used throughout the design.   

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Kantha Embroidery - Bejod stitch leaf

 Hi all

Hope all are doing well and good.  In kantha embroidery there are so many ways to work a leaf.  The simplest way is to work running stitch along the leaf design.  Another unique way of stitching kantha leaf is using Bejod stitch to fill the leaf.  

If you are new to kantha embroidery you can view the basic stitches from here.  

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Today I am going to share the bejod stitch which again is a running stitch and how it is used to fill a leaf.  Bejod stitch is also running stitch worked in the following pattern.

First start with a leaf picture. 

Stitch the outline of the leaf and vein with running stitch. 

Now start working on anyone side of the leaf.  The leaf will look good if we work each part with different colour.  Here I have started with the right side.  Stitch a line of running stitch near the vein.  

Next row of stitches appear between the gaps of the previous line of running stitch. 

Continue the fill the leaf pattern. After completing the both the portions the leaf will look like this,

If you work both the sides of the leaf in the same colour it will not be that much appealing.  So work the leaf in two different colours.  

Hope all of you like this tutorial.  I will post the next kantha embroidery design tomorrow.   Till then have a happy time. 

Friday, June 18, 2021

Kantha Embroidery Stitch tutorial - Chakra Butti

 Hi all

Hope all are staying safe and doing good.  In the kantha embroidery series today I am happy to share with you the tutorial for doing chakra butti.  

If you want to learn kantha embroidery from the beginning start from the following links one by one.

Chakra butti takes the shape of a chakra after completing.. It is same as kantha butti only but in a chakra shape.  First lets see the steps to do the chakra butti.

Start with the following shape.

Start with running stitch from point 1.  Take a small stitch from 1 - 2.

Take the next running stitch in the tip of the next petal and continue so on.  First round completed.

Now for the second row make stitches parallel to the previous stitches following the trace.  It will automatically will be a little left of the previous stitches.  

Continue in the same clockwise direction and do the third round.  

This is after completing half of the design.

Continue in the same manner and finally you will end up covering the full design.  Sometimes if all the petals are not of the same size you may  end up leaving small gaps in some of the petals.  In that case I will not go in the round.  Instead I will complete one petal and move on the other. 

In the above picture I have completed the left over space in one petal. It is indicated with arrow. 

Now complete the remaining two petal with straight stitches.

Fill the centre with the herringbone stitch or straight stitches.  Chakra butti is done.  

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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

TypeWriter Font Art - A treasure I found

 Hi all

Hope all are staying safe and doing well.  Today I am going to make a small post about what I have found in our shop sometime back.  When I was in school typewriters were used largely to type a document.  Only after computers are broadly used keyboards were used for typing which is comparatively easier than typing using a typewriting machine. 

I am remembering the first day of my typewriting class typing 'asdf lkjhg' for a whole page that too with correct fingers for each letter and my little fingers were swollen at the end of that page.  But I didn't give up and completed both lower and higher grades in english typewriting and lower grade in tamil typewriting.  Thanks to those classes, now I have a good speed in typing with both the hands without seeing the keyboard.  Enough of my story.  Now let me show the treasure I found.  It is an old photo.

I found this photo in my hubby's shop long back.  While hanging in the wall it was like a portrait written with letters in pencil. Only after taking it in hand I realised it was made with the letter typed using typewriter.  It was amazing to see the creativity of the person who made it.  The name of the person who made this art is not seen.  It has been hidden inside the frame.  He/she has used the letters in a clever way to create this portrait of a mom holding her baby.  Thumbs up to him/her.  Hats off to his/her patience.

Do you want to see the typwriter which I have learned.   It is similar to this one. 

Once I have tried to recreate the same using typewriter font in computer.  But I had no patience to go beyond line 3. I have downloaded a typewriter font from here.  But it's my goal to recreate this in computer. Now this photo has  found a place in my craft table.  Have you found anything like this.  Do write down in the comments section.  

I will be back with kantha embroidery series tomorrow.  Till then, have a happy time.