Monday, 24 October 2016

Crochet squares - First set

Hai dear friends,

Thanks for your lovely comments in my previous.  During last month when I crochet some purses for the sale in my church I had 5 FO in a week and I from that time onwards I was feeling crochet as my comfort zone.  But I always wanted to do embroidery than crochet.  I had some embroidery projects on my hand and when I get bored I switched over to crochet.  

Last month we bought a sofa.  It was beige color and the seat of the sofa needs a cover.  Other wise it will become shabby soon, coz both of my kids being naughty boys.  They used to jump over it and sometimes I will go crazy When I see them doing such things.  Also we cannot stop the kids from doing such naughty things coz as parents we can only be happy, if they are active doing such things,  If they sit in one place for  more than 10 mins or if they lie down on the sofa I will be keep on asking what happened to you? So me and DH allows them to do such things at home to a certain limit.

So,coming on to the crochet side, I decided to crochet a cover for my sofa seat.  I wanted to embroider one.  Since it will take a long time I decided to crochet a cover, in an idea to finish it before christmas.  I started with different granny squares which I have bookmarked ages ago and I have finished ten of them.  Here are they.

Links to the patterns
10) Maybelle flower square -

Totally I need 45 to 50  squares(rough calculation).  I thought of alternating these squares with traditional granny square in dark color.  This is for the 3 seater.  I am going to do it as a single piece by joining these squares.  Then for the single seat(I call it as sleeper seat) I am planning to do shell stitch or v stitch.  

That's all for now.  Will meet you with an embroidery finish in my next post.  Till then, Happy crocheting.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

A Kasuti Finish

Dear friends

Today I am here to show you my latest finish in kasuti embroidery.  It is made for custom order.  My co-sisters colleague gave her a self print material and the pattern for neck.  This is the first time I am making a customized neck pattern and I found it a bit challenging because, the pattern which I had with is a diamond shaped motif. But she wants it in a square shape.  So I drew it again in a graph paper.  The kasuti net which I am having is of larger count and the motif doesn't look good after embroidering it.  So I drew the whole pattern in a graph paper and then transferred it to the fabric with red carbon paper.  After that stitching becomes easy coz I don't want to remember the forward and return passes in the design.

I am not satisfied with this embroidery because the embroidery is not prominent in the printed fabric. But she wants it to be simple as such and she selected the green color.  I was not able to take a decent shot of the embroidery.  These are some better snaps.

This the neck part which extends till waist.

This is a bigger motif in the front border.  I worked three such motifs  for the border.

This is the motif which I have worked for the sleeves and neck.  For sleeves I have worked four such motifs and seven motifs for neck part.

Click on the images for a better view.

Thread used: Anchor no.189
No of strands: 3
Design from : Mridulas design book

Out of 4 order I have completed 3 and I am off to start the fourth one which is again kasuti embroidery project.  Fabric, design and threads everything is ready.  I will be starting it this week.

Also before christmas I am planning to do one kurti for myself. But I am in a great confusion in selecting the design.  Disadvantage of having design books in hand.

Also, a simple cross stitch and a crochet project is also in WIP basket. They are for christmas.  So I will be back with another FO. Till then, have a happy time with needle n thread.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Monocolor cross stitch finish

Hello all,

Do you love to stitch in one color? Working with too many colors that too in cross stitch takes soo much time to finish one piece.  The samplers worked in a single (mostly red and blue) colors inspires me to take up a cross stitch project with one color.  And to my surprise I got to know about the blog gazette94.  It has got soooooooooo many patterns from small to big that works up quickly with single or few colors.  I have bookmarked some heart patterns and finally I have stitched one and made into a small wall piece.  

Then I have padded it with a cardstock and worked blanket stitch around it.  Then worked single crochet stitch around and then made a simple scalloped border around,  Then paste it in a corrugated handmade paper using a double sided tape and now the wall hanging is ready.  I didn't hung it Just I sticked it to the wall with double sided tape.  I like it very much.  Planning to make more pieces like this,

Also,  This is how my granny stitch blanket looks now.  Green shades, blue shades, purples and now pinks are in action.  I have 7 more colors to finish the first set and then again I will start with colors from the beginning without changing the order.  So no confusion in selecting and placement of colors.

That's all for now.  Will come up another embroidery finish soon. So keep watching this space.   Bye.


Saturday, 8 October 2016

Kasuti sampler update 2

Hello all,

Hope all of u r enjoying weekends. In India it's festival time (pooja and dussehra).  Though we don't celebrate these festivals, we enjoy our holidays.  This time it's a six days holidays for kids and they are enjoying a lot.  Festival wishes to those who celebrate these festivals especially my blogger friends.  

Some time back I have blogged about the start of a kasuti sampler.  I have added two more motifs and a border to it.  All the designs are from KARNATAKA KASUTHI DESIGN BOOK IN COLOR (VOL-1) from mridulas .  Have a look at these .  Each motif has been repeated 6 times.

This is a motif from the kasuti embroidery kurti which I am working now.  

Along with the embroidery kurti I am doing some crochet samples which I would like to take up into a project.  Some granny squares are also whipped up as a part of a big project.  Will come up with that in my next post.  Till then, happy embroidering.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Two Tone doily, New start

Thanks all for your lovely comments on my kutch work kurti.  I like that simple design of diamonds and now my hands are itching to make a kutch work bag with these diamonds.  It's in the planning stage. Should I make the design for the whole bag or should I make it in patches. Not able to decide. If it is done for a whole bag it will be a big project again.  Let me see how it works out.

Here I am presenting to you the two tone doily which is a very famous one in the world of crocheters, Easy to do and with two colors it's wonderful.  I have made it in a day and after blocking I like it very very much.  

The pattern is from here.

I have first seen this doily in Ninu's blog.  I like her Lavender and yellow combo and I will make one more doily with that color combo coz this doily has been sold out in the church sale.  Hop over to her blog. You can see wonderful crochet creations with nice colors.

I live in a hot place and I don't need yarn blankets but whenever I see crochet blankets in the blogland I go crazy and I wanted to make one.  Last year I made Sophie's universal blanket and that too has been sold in the sale.  So I started to make a granny stripe blanket to show case in my bed during day. Also it is a stash buster project because I have sooo many local brand acrylic yarns in my stash which I have collected over 2-3  years. I have finished first set of red and orange colors and started off with green now.  I have decided to make one row in a day but sometimes I go mad and go on crocheting 4,5 row at a time.  It's  nicely coming up.

A small cross stitch project is in the finishing stage. Stitching part is over and I am going to finish it into an ornament.  I will show it once completed.

On the crafty side, I am busy and next week we will be going to my mothers place for a short vacation.  Will catch u all after that.  Till then, Take care, Have a happy time with needle n thread, yarns.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Kutch work kurti finish, WIP update

Hello my dear readers

Thanks for your comments for my previous post.  I have finished a kurti done using kutch work.  It took more time than I expected but I like the final outcome.  I have seen a similar design in one of the online kurti shop.  Then drew the picture in a graph paper, traced on the fabric and then embroidered it.  simple design but forms beautiful diamond pattern upon working repetitively.  

Thread used: Anchor 255 & 167
No of strands : 2

I am trying to put this design in pdf format so that viewers who need it can download it and trace it without altering the scaling of the image.  If I succeed I will put up a link and let you know

Some close ups.

This piece has been embroidered on custom order for my co-sisters colleague.

After a long time I have completed the next page in Harmony Mega cross stitch project. I have completed page6.  Hereafter I have decided to do 100 stitches everyday.  I am sticking on to that decision and that's why I was able to finish page 6.

After - U can see some more leaves, stem and a small flower has been added on the right side. 2 more pages for the first row to be finished.  

Now I am concentrating on the kasuti sampler which I have left unattended for months. I have promised u to show the doilies in this post.  Since my previous posts are related to crochet I wanted to show something embroidered and that's why kutch work kurti came into the show.  One more kasuti kurti is waiting for its turn to get embroidered.  Preparations are all done and next week I will start doing it.

The crocheted sofa cover which have been completed a week before is awaiting for the end threads to be weaved in.  After weaving it will take its turn to show up in the blogland.  Till then, Have a happy week end.  Have a nice time with needle and thread.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Crochet Stitches in purses

Hello all,

Hope all r doing good.  Thanks for the comments on my previous post.  On first Sunday of every September we use to have a IMS(Indian Missionary Society) sale in our church for raising funds for the missionaries.Last year we put up a stall and to my surprise all my crocheted items have been sold out.  This year I didn't have much items to exhibit in the stall so I made some purses in the past week. I didn't search for patterns, instead I have practiced some stitches and then turned those pieces into purse and here are they.

This pattern is taken from  The name of the pattern is Two Tone tote. You can view it here.  For the flap I have followed a youtube tutorial.  If I come across that link I will update this post with the link.

On seeing me crocheting purses my kids asked me to do a purse for their teachers to gift them for teacher's day.  And I have crocheted two purse using moss stitch.  For all the purse I attach magnetic closure.  Only for basket weave stitch purse I attached the zipper.

My embroidery kurti projects are in the finishing stage.  Last week since I am into crocheting these purses I was not able to complete it.  This week I am targeting to finish a crocheted cover for sofa which I have started two three months back.  I need one more day to finish it.  After that I will be concentrating on kurtis and decided to finish it within 15th sep.  So wish me good luck.  My next post will be on two crocheted doilies. So do watch my space.  Till then, Happy crocheting.