Tuesday, February 28, 2012

TAST 2012- Week9, Couching

Whenever I come across the tutorials or pictures based on couching I would think that we should give try, becoz it seems to be a simple technique but produces beautiful effects on lines and curves.  But only after sharon gave this stitch as this weeks challenge it came into reality.  For my trial I have drawn a simple curve free form.  But after finish drawing I have seen the curve is in the shape of letter S.  That is the beginnig letter of my name.  So I thought I will stitch this turn that cloth into a simple coaster.  Here goes my trial.   

I have used 6 strands for both the laid thread and the fastening thread.  Happy to see the outcome.

I have added five straight lines and those lines were also couched. Here comes the coaster.

The seams are sewed through buttonhole stitch and near the buttonhole edge a square of whipped chain  stitch is made.

Now Couching in round

I have learned the couching technique from www.stitchschool.com

Shami Immanuel.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

TAST-2012, Week8 - Chain Stitch

I have embroider this flower using chain stitch as filling.  It looks very nice.  Then I've added beads using the chain stitch for the outline.  I have used the same color bead it was not shown properly.  But in real it looks pretty.  What can I do with this piece of doodle cloth?  Any ideas?.

Now the beaded part.  For adding a line of beads in your dress the simple way if to use chain stitch.  Before doing a chain stitch just add a bead to the needle and continue with the chain stitch.  In this way the beads will be placed at regular intervals in a line or a curve.

From the day one I started embroidery, I wanted to embroider a  verse.  That dream came true yesterday.  I have used chain stitch as it is the challenge for this week's TAST.  The curly lines in the bottom and top used chain stitch and the letters in whipped back stitch.  How is it?  I am planning to add some flowers on both sides or on top and bottom.  I will show the final piece within this week.

I have done a neck design using chain stitch an year back.  Have a look of that here.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Plastic Canvas Photo Frame - Tutorial

Atlast my first tutorial has been posted.  If any of you try my tutorials and posted any of the craft items with the help of this please give me a comment here.  Hope all of u will find my tutorials useful.

Materials Needed:
     Plastic Canvas
     Woollen yarn
     Crochet needle

        Cut 2 pieces of  plastic canvas according to the size of the photo to be framed.

         Keep 1 piece aside. In the another piece leave 3x3 holes for the border and cut the inside part as shown in the picture.

Now with woolen yarn and crochet needle single crochet around the edges with the two pieces together for three sides and only on the upper piece on the fourth side(This side should be the top of the frame.Thru this side we insert the photo).   

      Now the second round.
      Make 3hdc(half double crochet) in first sc(single crochet).
      Sl st(Slip stitch) in next sc.
      *3hdc in next sc
      Sl st in next sc *
       Repeat frpm * to * around.
       At the end put a knot leaving a tail and push the tail inside the stitches thru the back side.

Now your frame is ready.
Insert the photo from the top opening.
Use double sided tape to fix the photo on the wall.

Happy Crafting.
Shami Immanuel.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

TAST 2012-Week7, Detached chain stitch

These are some of my trials for TAST.
The neck design which I have worked using the motif below is over.  Have a look.  Sorry for the blurred image.  Try to take a better snap and repost it.

Here Simple detached chain stitch is used.  But before fixing the tail of the chain a small round bead is added and then it is fixed.  It forms a beautiful motif.  I am working on a neck for the blouse.  The work is in progress.  Will show u later.   Now have a look at the motif.

Next is also the simple detached chain stitch.  Here I have added the cut bead before the fixing the tail to form this shape.
That's all for this weeks challenge.  Had fun with Lazy Daisy.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

TAST 2012- week 7, Detached Chain Stitch(Lazy Daisy stitch)

The stitch challenge for this week is Detached chain stitch.  I learned this stitch as Lazy daisy.  Nice to form flower if worked in a round.  Here, I have designed a neck using this stitch and had french knots inside it.  Have a look.

Next comes a matching motif for this neck.

Using this motif u can form patterns to work with.
I have edited this picture to form patterns.  Only the motif part is embroidered.  The pattern I have created using paint.  Have a look at it.

I am working on some more samples.  Try to post it tomorrow.
If any of you need the tracing pattern for this neck and pattern,  please let me know through the comments section.  I will post it here. 

No one can give you better support then self confidence.

Shami Immanuel.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kamal Kadai Kurti - update

I have reached the final stage of embroidering my kurti using kamal kadai technique.  I have fixed kundan stone inside the flower and the neckline is given using the simple chain stitch. 

Tomorrow I will update this post with the border design of the dress.  Today  I was not able to upload that picture b'coz the size of the file is  big.

Believe in yourself- in the power you have to control your life.

Plastic canvas Photo Frame - 2

This Photo frame is also made of plastic canvas.  I have used woolen yarn for the design.  Inside I have used the book marks in the place of photos b'coz the babies are looking cute.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Plastic canvas photo frame

This is a photo frame made up of plastic canvas.
I have crocheted the edges .
Since I am having so many photo frames at home I thought of doing a cross stitch inside, instead of a photo.  I am preparing a tutorial for making this.  Once prepared I will be giving the link here.

The flower is a crocheted one and I have sewed it there.
I have done some more photo frames using plastic canvas mat.  I will be showing that in my coming posts. Next post will be a photo frame using waste cd. 


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kamal Kadai project - update

Immediately after learning the kamal kadai stitch I have started to work a project on kurti.  I have completed the neck portion of it.  Have a look at it. 

Also I have embroidered three motifs for the border.  Four more to complete. 
Once completed I will update it with the design.

Do not sit back and wait for things to happen, instead make them happen.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

TAST 2012-Week6, Chevron stitch

The stitch challenge for this week is Chevron stitch.  I planned to make neck designs incorporating the given stitches so that myself or somebody else can use it for their projects. So, I have embroidered a motif first and the neck line.  If it is stitched in straight line it becomes the border.  Here goes the trial.  Looking  forward for suggestions.

Now comes the neck part

Here, I have stitched two semi circles using chevron stitch.
Then I started whipping aroung the upper part of the first line and lower part of second line. 
while whipping I have attatched a cut bead in the place where it is left blank(in between two stitches).
Lazy daisy flowers are stitched in the middle part.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Crochet Basics -Links

Interested in crochet(doing variety of items using wollen yarn and needle).

To do crochet you need wollen yarn(different types available, crochet needle(different sizes available) and a pattern.

To begin any crochet pattern you need to know the following stitches.  I am not able to prepare tutorials, so i am giving u the links

Foundaion chain crochet
single crochet(sc)
double crochet(dc)
half double crochet(hdc)
triple crochet(trc)

once u learn all these crochet stitches u can do wonders with crochet needle and thread.  Neat illustrations and videos are given in the following links.  Please go thru

Also in www.crochetpatterncentral.com u can find lots and lots of patterns from beginners to advanced.
The following link will also be useful for the beginners. 

Like embridery There are lots and lots of stitches in crochet.  All the stitches will be based on the stitches mentioned above.  I will also to giving some simple patterns to work in my coming posts.  Please let me know and if u have any doubts feel free to ask me thru comments.

Happy crocheting.

Shami Immanuel

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lazy daisy to form a flower

This flower is stitched using lazy daisy stitch to form a flower.  I have learned this technique of using lazy daisy from Ina's blog www.letslearnembroidery.blogspot.com.  Thanks to her.

I have stitched this flower in my hankie.  Have a look.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Pachis work again

This is the pachis work which I have done for my dupatta.

My previous work on pachis is here and here.

I have learned this stitch from Lakshmi of www.sadalas.blogspot.com
Thanks Lakshmi.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

TAST 2012-Week5- Herringbone stitch

This is my trial for TAST 2012- week5.
Here Herrinbone stitch is worked in two rows and a straight stitch is made where the thread cross each other and the straight stitch is made with opposite color.
More samples to come................

One of my old work is here. Have a look.
Be happy always.
Shami Immanuel.