Saturday, October 26, 2013

Kamal Kadai Flower

Long back I started to embroider a saree  and finished the three borders.  Now I am working on the pallu and the body part.  I used Kamal Kadai work for the flowers.  This is the design I have worked on the pallu part.  Center of the flower has to be embellished with sequins or beads.  I have a post regarding the border design here.

Since it is a plain chiffon saree the body part was very plain. So I decided to add sequins at regular intervals.  Then also it was not up to the mark.  Then I have made fly stitches around the sequin and it has taken the shape of a star and I am doing that star shape flower with sequin all over the body and that flower is here:

I am happy about the star shape and what about u?  I am planning to complete the saree within a week and I will be back with the completed saree in my coming post.  Till then, Happy embroidering.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

A line frock

After buying a sewing machine I wanted to sew wearables.  After sewing the circle skirt I got interest in sewing frocks also.  I have chosen A line frock and got the pattern from here.  Very easy to cut and sew. Instead of the fabric collar I have used the crocheted collar and I have left the pocket part.   And I succeeded in doing it.  I have sewed the collar which I have crocheted.  You can see the details regarding the collar here.

A close up.
This frock fits my niece and I am so happy about it.  Next I am going to try my hands on sewing a blouse.  I am trying to prepare the pattern.  Let me see how it works out.  In my next post I will come with a patchwork table cloth.  So please do visit my space.


Friday, October 18, 2013

Crochet collar

Some time back I have purchased Anchor crochet cotton thread of size 20 and 40.  But I didn't have a hook to use with that size of thread.  Last week I have purchase crochet steel hook of size 1.50mm and 1.75mm from pony craft stores.  First have a look at the threads and hooks.

I have planned a small project with that thread and yarn.  After searching for patterns I have come up with a crochet collar.  The pattern is from here.  I find it a bit difficult with the steel hook to crochet.   Now have a look at the collar.

I am planning to attach this collar in a frock which I am going to make with the dotted fabric in the background.  I will come up with the frock in my next post. So do watch my space.

Happy Crocheting.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Embroidered blouse - Chain stitch

Today I am back with another embroidery in the back of my blouse.  I have selected the simple mango design.  Outline is embroidered using chain stitch and inside I have filled with fishbone stitch. I have used 1 strand of silk embroidery thread.  Neck part is over and I have to do the border for the blouse.  Now have a look.

Now the close ups.


Thanks for stopping by.  Do watch my space for more embroidery works. 
Happy Embroidering.