Tuesday, October 30, 2012

TAST Week 44 - Needle Woven Picots

Hi here is my small sample for this weeks challenge.  I made four petals and a leaf out of it.  This is the first time I am trying this stitch.  If worked in two layers we can make a sunflower out of this.  I will try that some time later. Now have a looka and say How is it?

The tutorial for this stitch can be found here.  Thanks to Sharon for introducing me this stitch.


Friday, October 26, 2012

Chikankari Embroidery motif

I have started to do a project on my kurti using chikankari design.  I have completed one motif at the bottom.  I have used double back stitch, Eyelet stitch, Detached chain variation and satin stitch.  There are specific name for these stitches in chikankari but I have given the english names.  In the coming posts I will be giving details about this work.


This is the chikan motif which I have embroidered during stitch along with Anita of artisticfingers. Take at look at the motif here.

Here is another motif which I have done for a kurti  

 Happy embroidering.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A small project on kasuti

This is a small kasuti motif which I have done on the back of my blouse.  Very easy to do.  I am happy with the outcome. Though Kasuti consists of running stitches it can create beautiful designs both big and small.  After practicing some motifs we feel more comfortable on doing it.  Have a look. planning to do more on kasuti embroidery.  Please keep an eye on my blog.  My next post is a chikankari motif which is in progress. Please come back.

Happy Embroidering.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pattern Darning - second pattern

This is the second pattern I have worked on pattern darning.  If u look at the pattern chart u might be confusing but once u start doing it u will get hang on it.  It is very easy with simple running stitch.  For the long stitches I have divided it in two and done back stitch.  I have got the pattern from the net. Just google for the patterns.   Have a look. do you like this? Then type down your comments and suggestions.

This is for the pillow cover and I have to cross stitch the name of my son inside.  One for my elder  son is already over and it is here.
Happy embroidering.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

TAST 2012 - Week 41, Italian Knotted Border Stitch

This is my small sample for this week's challenge. I have tried this flower to practice honey comb filling.  Outerportion of the big flower and the small flower are done using Italian knotted border stitch.  Center portion of the big flower is honey comb filling stitch.  Pink part is button hole stitch.

Italian knotted border stitch is best suitable for making tiny flowers and star shaped flowers. Initially I had some trouble in making the knot.  But after making 4 to 5 stitches It was very easy and quick to make. One more stitch to my stitch list. Thanks to sharon.  For the Italian knotted border stitch tutorial is here.

 Happy Embroidering.

Shami Immanuel.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Little one's dress with the touch of my embroidery

I have purchased a dress for my niece who is going to be 1 tomorrow.  First up all I thought I will crochet  a skirt for her.,  But because of lack of time I was not able to do so and bought a dress.  In the bottom part of that dress It was plain on the right side.  So thought to do some simple embroidery and come up with this.  Just added the word "Happy Birthday Candy" and back stitched it.  Then added some daisy flowers.  I am happy with the outcome and how about you?.


Waiting for your comments and suggestions.

Happy embroidering,
Shami Immanuel.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Crocheted placemat, coasters

Here comes my circle placemat and simple matching coasters.  Both the patterns are taken from the web.  Thanks to those who posted the patterns.

Any color combined with white gives a beautiful look particularly in crocheted items. 


Happy crocheting.

Shami Immanuel.