Monday, May 27, 2019

Crochet Purses

Hello all

Hope all r doing well and good.  We r enjoying the summer holidays with the kids.  Holidays are meant for enjoying but the heat of the summer makes it irritable. Some how we have managed and within 10 to 15 days the scorching heat will come down hopefully.  My routine has changed since the kids are at home and whenever I get time I used to do something crafty but not got the mood to take the laptop and write a blog post.

Finally I thought let me get into track as the vacations are going to over and today I am writing this post to show some crochet purses which I have done this year, 

The above two purses are done with single stitch rows and the flap is made with shell stitch.

This is a waffle stitch purse.

The above one is a three compartment purse done with double crochet rows.  I followed a you tube tutorial to do this purse.

I have to do two more purses for my kids before they r back to school on June 6th.  As I promised in my last post I will be back with an embroidered kurti in my next post. Till then, Happy crocheting.