Thursday, March 30, 2017

Granny stripe Blanket - Ta ta da........

Today I am happy to share with you all my granny stripe blanket.  I have completed it in February.  I have started this blanket to use my local yarn from my stash.  Out of curiosity one afternoon in september 2016 I have started to do it.  It started to grow nicely row by row.  I have decided to do one row a day.  But that limit goes than 5 rows a day.  When I used all colors in my stash the first set contains 33 stripes (a stripe contains 2 rows).  I have done 93 stripes repeating the first 33 stripes again in the same order.  Now the blanket in all its glory.

I have used local brand acrylic yarn with 4 mm hook.  It took 15 mins to crochet 1 row.  The blanket fits a double bed.  This is the second blanket I have crocheted.  I am happy with the final outcome of the blanket. Also, I have added a a simple dc edging around the blanket.  It is simple and neat.  I am writing this post in a hurry.  So that's all for now.  I have joined the crochet quilt blocks.  Now I have to add some edging to it.  After that I will come up with that.

Now on my embroidery hoop is the smalls SAL for March.  Some backstitches have to be done.  Will be finishing it this weekend. I will come up with the march fairy and the epp pincushion in my next post.  Till then happy crocheting.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Embroidered Yoke - 2

I am here with another simple embroidered yoke along with its pattern.  Last month I was stitching some straight stitch samples and then the idea for the yoke came. I used a simple straight stitch called Diamond Eyelet stitch and back stitch and the yoke is done.  Now on to the embroidered yoke.

Before doing the back stitch.

The pattern

Stitches used: 

My WIP involves cutting and sewing Half square triangles.

Also I am making a good progress in my Mega cross stitch project.  Will come back with the granny stripe blanket Ta da post next time.  Till then, Have a happy time with needle and thread.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Kasuti Embroidered yoke, EPP

Hi all 
Thanks for all your encouraging comments on my kutch work bag.  I have some completed projects to blog about.  But feeling lazy to edit the photos and write a post.  But today I have decided not to be lazy that too at the beginning of the week and determined to write this post.  

I have completed this kasuti embroidered yoke for my co sisters colleagues mother.  Already I have done a kurti with this yoke.  Seeing that she wanted another one with the same design in peacock blue background.  I am able to get only this blue and have done it.  It has been sent to her. I am glad that she likes it.

I have used three strands of anchor embroidery thread no. 63 throughout.  Now I am embroidering one more kurti for me and it is in progress.  Hoping to finish before Easter.

This year I have tried my hands on EPP - English Paper Piecing.  Inspiration came from here.  Pamela used to come up hexagons on every Monday.   Also the tutorials from youtube urged me to start trying and see this is what I came up with.

I am going to finish this into a pincushion. After trying these hexagons I wanted to do more.  so now and then I am making hexagons.  Will go for a cushion project when I have enough hexagons in my basket.  I am trying to make a table cover from my computer table using HST(Half square triangle), to make us of my fabric stash.  It is also coming up nicely.  I am enjoying doing it.  Have to find the backing cloth with a thin batting between.  

So Whats up in your side.  My works baskets are full with crochet, cross stitch, sewing quilt blocks, etc.  Are u a person having so many projects in your basket.  How will work on it? Do let me know.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Kutch bag - Ta da

I am so happy today to show you a bag which I have made from the scratch.  I have started this project out of the curiosity of embroidering this kutch work motif.   Also the inspiration for this bag came from one of the embroidery bags which I have purchased in kodaikanal.  I have followed a youtube tutorial of smarmyclothes for the making of this bag.  Very clear video.  The best part is attaching the zipper and I found it very easy and got a confident to add zipper to any project.  Now over to the bag.

Front part of the bag

Back part of the bag with zipper.

I have quilted both the front and back pieces and added golden color glass beads. Added this foam while quilting. Happy with the outcome.

The bag has room for carrying a purse cellphone and a water bottle for weekend shopping or it can hold bible and hymn book while going to church.  Planning to do one more with silk cloth for sale in church during september.  

Hope all of u like it.  Waiting for your suggestions and comments. 

Also I am ready for the Ta da moment for the granny stripe blanket and a kasuti embroidered kurti.   Will come back soon another finish. Bye.