Friday, April 27, 2012

TAST 2012, week 17 - Wheatear stitch

This is a sofa cover back which I have printed the design using fabric printing.  Then I have embroidered the diamond shaped lines using wheatear stitch.  Inside of doing a simple line using stem or chain stitch,  wheatear stitch line looks the best.  Enlarge the image to get a clear view of the stitch. 

 One more design using wheatear stitch in in progress.  Have a look at the progressed work so far.  It is a geometrical design. 

The closeup of the stitch.

Will post the completed design after completing.

Till then,
Happy Embroidering.
Shami Immanuel.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chikan Embroidery SAL

My progress in the Chickan SAL with Anita is given here.  Almost all the elements in the motif is completed except two.  It gives me pleasure while stitching the chikan stitches.  I enjoyed thoroughly.  This week the classes were over.  And for me the last lesson stitches are left out.  I will be completing this week and show u my completed motif in the coming post.

This is the my progress so far.  Below is the overcast satin stitch part .  It looks very simple but it takes time to complete the simple details in the motif.  But the result is very much pleasing.

Next is the slanting satin stitch, Roman stitch (the flower part).

Next comes the blanket stitch. straight stitch variation(my stitch on this is not up to the mark).  I have to practice more on this. Detached chain variation(Lookes perfect for a flower bud).

Now comes satin stitch variation.

Now the overall progress so far,

I am very happy that I have learnt chikan embroidery.  Lots and lots of thanks to Anita. May God bless her and give her more talents.  Looking forward for u'r valuable comments and suggestions.

Happy embroidering.
Shami Immanuel.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Plastic Canvas - Photo frame

This is a photo frame done using Plastic Canvas.  Two rows of Algerian Eye stitch has been used.  And French knots has been stitched inside the algerial eye stitch in one row. The photo inside the frame is the front page of an embroidery book.

Shami Immanuel.

Crochet - Ribbon Rose Doily

This is a doily which have been crocheted 2 years back. .  When I made this I was very much crazy on crocheting.  I got this pattern from  u can get lots of free patterns in this site.  Only thing u have to do is u should register u'r name.  Don't worry it is free.  U can explore many wonderful things in the world of needle and thread.  Have a look.

comments and suggestions r always welcome b'coz it will be an encouragement to me.

Happy crocheting.
Shami Immanuel.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

TAST 2012- Week 16, French Knots

Inspired by Lakshmi's strawberry I thought of embroidering a strawberry design long back.  But that day came today after seeing Sharon's challenge as french knot for this week. I have taken this design from Dhingra's embroidery book.  I have embroidered the strawberry part with french knots.  After completing I am eager to do another project using french knots.  It looks very much pleasing to the eyes.  How is my strawberry?  It is Yummy?  Looking forward for your comments.
I have done this embroidery in my hankie.  Thanks to Lakshmi who is an inspiration for me.

Happy embroidering.

Shami Immanuel.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

TAST 2012 - Week 15, Stem stitch

I have painted my pillow covers through stencils. Even then the design is not that much attractive.  After seeing stem stitch as this week's challenge for TAST I have decided to outline the design with stem stich.  After giving the outline the dull yellow looks bright.  Here comes my trial.

Before giving the ouline with stem stitch

After giving the outline with stem stitch
This redwork is done mainly with stem stitch.  This is one of my old works.

Below is  a simple design in my hankie.  The bow and the hat is done with stem stitch

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Embroidered Blouse Neck

Here comes my embroidered neck for a blouse.  I have given the tracing pattern here.  The flower is worked using long tailed lazy daisy stitch.  Each petal consists of three lazy daisy stitch anchored at the same point with a long tail.  Then with the next color I have outlined with  two lazy daisy stitch on both the sides of each petal.  Inside the petal I have used Satin stitch. Then for the stems stem stitch is used and the tip of the stems are attached with silver color sequins.  For the neck line I have used couching method.

Feel free to give u'r valuable suggestions and comments.  Have a happy time with needle and thread.

Shami Immanuel.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chikankari Embroidery sal Lesson 2 - 5 completed.

Anita of artisticfingers is conducting a chikan embroidery class free of cost.  I am also in that SAL group.  As the motif is getting completed part by part it gives me a joy of learning this type of embroidery in a professional way.  Thanks to Anita.

We have learnt Back stitch, Double Back stitch, Interlaced running stitch, Stem stitch,  Detached chain variation, Blanket stitch, Chain stitch, Roman stitch.  The shadow which the embroidery brings in the fabric is very pleasing to the eyes,  that too in the light color fabrics.  I am in the planning process to start a project with chikan embroidery.  Here comes my samples.  Have a look.  Feel free to give your comments and suggestions.

Shami Immanuel.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Embroidery design for border

Here I have posted a design which I have been using for the border of a saree.

The big flower can be worked in buttonhole stitch.
Stem can be stitched using stem stitch, Leaves in satit stitch or fishbone stitch.  The round part can be stitched using buttonhole wheel.  Or u can fix any stones as embellishment.  For the spokes I have used straight stitch and inside a french knot or small stones can be fixed.

See my sample for this design here.

Happy embroidering.

Shami Immanuel.