Friday, August 31, 2018

Embroidery design 8 - Buttonhole flower motif

Hello all,

Today I am here to share the free design for this month.  Atlast I am on the track of posting one design per month.  So, today's motif is the 8th design in that series.  I have stitched this simple motif with button hole stitch which any one can easily stitch within a few minutes. 


Stitches used
Flower - Button hole stitch
Stem - Back stitch
Leaves - Lazy daisy stitch

Thread used (Anchor embroidery threads)
Flower -  290 (3 strands)
Stem -  225(3 strands)
Leaves - 257 (6 strands)

If any of you tried my patterns do send me a picture of your work.  I will be very happy to display it in my blog. 

I hope all of you liked this design.  I will be coming up with a new design in the next month.  Till then happy embroidering.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Crocheted bag and a purse

Hello all

Hope everyone is doing well and happy with your needle, thread and yarn.  I am also busy doing some crochet projects as well as some embroidery.

I have completed a crochet bag and a purse.  Happy to showcase it here.

Chroma crochet bag:

Pattern is from here.  I have used 4 ply local acrylic yarn and a 4mm hook.  

Block stitch purse

Followed the pattern from here.  It is an easy and attractive stitch.  Will be doing more projects using this stitch in future.

That's all for now.  What's in your hook.  Do let me know in the comments.  

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Embroidery design 7 - Kutch work border

Hello all,

Today I am sharing with you the free design which has been scheduled for last month.  I was postponing it everyday to write a blog post for no reason but I was busy doing embroidery and crochet.

For the free design I am giving the border that comes along with the neck pattern which I have posted  previously.   Here is the embroidered borders.

Front border

Close up

Sleeve Border

Now the pattern
Front Border

Sleeve border

In sleeve border I have worked herringbone stitch on the double lines.  Then worked a line of running stitch above and below the herringbone stitch.

The fabric I have used to stitch is ordinary poplin cotton.
Thread used is No.257 Anchor embroidery thread.
For the straight lines I have used Running stitch and Herringbone stitch.
No of strands used : 2

For this months design I am working on a simple flower design.  Before that I will be posting some crochet finishes.  So do watch this space and drop in your comments about this kutch work.  It will keep me going.  

Bye for now. 

Have a happy time with needle and thread.