Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cross stitch bookmark

A small project in cross stitch.  Thought of making it into a bookmark.  Since the fabric is a 10 count aida fabric I worked with 6 strands so that the fabric is not seen in between the stitches.  The fabric is also very thick and I have to try to make it as a bookmark and see whether it works for a book mark or not.  Other wise it is going to turn into a cover for the fridge handle. 
The design is taken from Dhingra's cross stitch book.  If it turns out for the fridge then I make one more with two flowers and leaves for the top portion of the fridge.  Waiting for your feedbacks. 
Now the close up of the design.
I wanted to purchase 14 count aida fabric or 16 count to do cross stitch.  It is not available at my place.  can any one tell whether it is available in Bangalore and in which shop it is available.  If I get the cloth I can make do the cross stitch with 2 strands and the design will also be delicate to see.  Thanks in advance.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Crocheted white doily

While going through so many blogs I saw big round doilies.  I was wondering with simple single, double crochet and slip stitches how come these patterns are giving shape to form a doily. And after that I tried making doilies.  Tried small patterns which can be completed within 15 to 20 rounds and the outcome is very very beautiful.  Till now I didn't have any round shaped furniture to display. Will make a big one and try to ask my hubby a round furniture. 
 The third doily in my series is this white doily.  I have taken the snap by displaying it in my dining table which had black glass and it shows off the pattern well.  I have kept it there for a day.   The next day my younger one who is 3 years old asked me the doily when he was in the table for the breakfast to keep his plate on the doily.  He said it is beautiful(in his own words- alaga irunthichilla athu than keten).  So happy to get a recognition from my little genius.  With that happy mood I am showing it for you.  Waiting for your feedbacks.

You can see my Ribbon Rose Doily here.

My another pink color doily is here.

Happy Crocheting.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

TAST - Herringbone band stitch, Triangular feather stitch

This is my sample for Herringbone band stitch and Triangular feather stitch.  I enjoyed doing both the stitches and happy that I have learned new stitches.  Two more stitches to my stitch dictionary.
At first I didn't get the triangle properly.  Then in the second attempt I can see my feather stitch in triangle.  For the Herringbone band I used yellow color to do the satin stitch.  Then maroon color for herringbone and orange for the lacing.  It looks nice and gives a lacy effect.  If it is done in rows it will be more beautiful.

This is my picture of all the four stitch of this year's TAST.  I have to start my TAST sampler pillow cover hopefully next week.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kasuti Embroidery Motif

This is a Kasuti motif which I have embroidered in a cotton saree.  The saree is having a border in both the sides and I have planned to do kasuti motifs for the pallu and the body.  Till now I have done 4 motifs like this and more than 25 small motifs in the pallu.  Still more to go and I will post the picture of the saree once it is done. 
I have used 2 strands of anchor cotton embroidery thread and 2 strands of silver color silk thread for the motif. 
Sorry for the picture quality since it is taken using mobile camera.
I will be happy if u pass on your comments about this.

Friday, February 8, 2013

TAST - Knotted and Inverted Feather stitch

This is my small sample for Knotted Feather stitch and Inverted Feather stitch.  This year I thought of making a pillow cover with the TAST stitches and decided the make stitches in round shape in the pillow so that the pillow becomes a stitch sampler for me.
Inverted feather stitch is suitable for creating border and necklines.  It gives a lace effect.  Here I have worked with three strands of anchor cotton embroidery thread.  I like to work with both the stitches and 2 more stitches gets added to my stitch list.  Thanks to Sharon.  For tutorials on Inverted feather stitch go here and for knotted feather stitch go here.

Kutch work - Trials

I was really fascinated by the beauty of kutch work.  While googling I came across the wonderful tutorials of Bhavani here.  Learned the basics from her blog.  It took some trial and error for understanding the basics of over and under in kutch concept.  Atlast I succeeded and came up with the following samples.  The first design is from Bhavani's blog and next one is from one of the border designs which I have downloaded from the net long back not knowing that design is intended for kutch work.  Now I have worked on that design too.  Have a look and let me know about my samples thru the comments section.
Thanks a lot to Bhavani for such a great tutorial which she has given with a lot of effort for the kutch work embroiderers.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Crocheted Flower

I love to crochet.  Here is a flower for which I have found the pattern here.  Tried it in a single color and I have a big flower now.  How is it?  Planning to do two more and make it is as a wall hanging.  Any suggestions.  what can I do with it?