Monday, June 29, 2020

Embroidery design - Lazy daisy stitch flower

Hi all,

Hope all are safe in this pandemic.

Today I am happy to share the next free embroidery design.  It is stitched out of lazy daisy stitch and stem stitch.

Pattern for the design

Threads Used (Anchor embroidery thread)
Flowers - 33, 35 (3 strands)
Centre of flower (french knot) - 35 (2 wraps with 3 strands)
Leaves attached to stem - 258 (3 strands)
stem & Detached leaves - 269 (3 strands)

Hope all of you liked the design.  Feel free to try it. 

Friday, June 5, 2020

Crochet Blanket

Hi all

Hope all are safe.  Today I am here to share my crochet blanket which I have completed using the yarn scraps which have been collected over the past few years and still more scrap yarns are left.  

I have done two rounds of granny squares using the scraps and then a round of white.  After making two same color granny squares I have joined them together and bordered the two squares using black.  

Made twenty rows and then bordered them with pink or purple.  

Likewise added six columns with twenty rows each and finally added two rows of border and finally completed. 

These are the two blankets which I am having in my cupboard now.  The blanket which I have started last year is waiting to get joined and I hope I will be able to completed it before 2020 ends. 

One of the goal for this year to completed one crochet blanket is achieved. And I am happy about it.  Now I will be able to concentrate on the other projects.  

I will come up with another embroidery design in my next post.  Till then, Happy crocheting.