Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Granitos Stitch, Blanket stitch, Satin stitch, Stem stitch

This design has been taken from www.coatsandclark.com.  flower is done using blanket stitch.   Buds inside the flower is done using satin stitch.  Buds outside the flower is done using  granitos stitch.  I have learned this stitch from stitchschool.com.  The tutorial for this stitch is given below:

I am making a table cloth using this design as corner for all the sides.  The work is in progress.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Buttonhole stitch embroidery

This is the design which I have selected for doing embroidery in my churidhar tops.Flowers are done using button hole stitch and stems using stem stitch.  I have embroidered to form a diamond shape.  Neck part is not yet over.  I will post the completed dress after getting stitched.

The design for the sleeves is below.  Along with the design I have added some curly lines on both sides.  Have a look.

I will be posting the completed project within a day or two.

The neck design for this dress is Here.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fly stitch and Button hole stitch in churidhar tops

This is the neck design of the tops.  I have used palistrina knot for the neck line. And used fly stitch inside the two lines.  Added cut beads for the bottom neck line. You can find the tutorials for the fly stitch and palistrina knot in the website www.embroidery.rocksea.org

This design I have taken from the blog http://sadalas.blogspot.com which she has given under the title kashmiri designs.  I have changed the design a bit for me to be comfortable.
The inspiration behind this work is Sara of www.embroidery.rocksea.org and Lakshmi of www.sadalas.blogspot.com.  Thanks to both of them though I didn't know them in person.

This  is the completed tops.

Close up of the design.