Monday, July 29, 2019

Ripple Blanket - Ta da........

Hi dear friends

Today I am very very happy to share my completed ripple blanket.  I have started this blanket journey on 1st day of 2019.  Crocheting a row each day was my goal and I achieved it.  The pattern is from attic24.  

Made a simple border to form a neat edge.  Edging is also from Lucy.  

I have used acrylic 4 ply yarn from Pradhan Embroidery stores and 4mm hook.  I made 2 rows with each color.  Totally I have used 8 colors.  I have used nearly 2 hanks of each color.  

Last year I have started to crochet a blanket using retro vibe square.  I have done one square each day.  All the squares have been completed on last october itself but joining the squares is still pending.  I am half way thru that joining part and probably by next month I will be completing it.  

In my next post I will be coming up with a kasuti neck embroidery.  Till then happy crocheting.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Needlepoint wall hanging, Harmony cross stitch Update

Hi all

Hope all r doing well.  In the embroidery world needlepoint stitches always caught my attention.  They are very easy to do.  So I have tried my hands in a small project and converted into a wall hanging.  It is a free pattern from here and here.  I have used the anchor embroidery threads.  Added zari thread and sugar beads which enhances the look of the embroidered piece.  Now over to the needlepoint wall hanging.

Attached the embroidered canvas on to foam sheets.  Now the wall hanging is ready.

Also I have completed one more page in my mega cross stitch project.  I am happy to see the bird in front of me.


Finishing one more page will bring me to the halfway thru in this project.  I have decided to finish this project by the end of 2020. 

That's all for today's post.  In my next post I will come up with a mandala design done with the family of straight stitches.  Till then, Have a happy time with your needle n thread.