Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Smalls SAL 2015 - June finish, Needlepoint - Brick stitch

I have cross stitched a Quotes chart as May finish for smalls SAL 2015.  You can view that cross stitched piece here.  And for this months finish I have added a simple border to it.  I should give it for framing and it will hang in my DH's office room.   Here is the finished piece.

Also, I have stitched one more block in my needlepoint sampler.  This is brick stitch stitched over 4 canvas threads. Want to learn the stitch?  Click here.

Some aimless crochet squares which I have done.  At times when I didn't feel like doing any particular project I crochet something that can be finished within 10 to 15 mins.  This is how the following squares have been whipped up.  The pattern for the first square is from here.  The second square is called Pretty petals 12" square and the pattern source is here.

In my next post I will come up with the embroidery in my saree.  Till then, Happy stitching and crocheting.

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Quilled Photo Frame and my doodles

In one of my previous post I have showed some quilled shapes  and those shapes are arranged and has been made into a photo frame.  It is here for you to see now.  The photo I have displayed is a photo from a baby calender.  I find it difficult to take photos b'coz I have added a transparent cover.  Somehow managed to take some photos.  Now over to the frame.

An inspirational quote written in my sketch book.  I have included the tangle pattern "Awrop".

Also a verse from the bible.  It is the tamil translation of the verse from Psalms:34:10.

And a doodle page.

In my next post I will come up with the embroidery in saree.  Till then, Happy quilling and doodling.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Sophie's garden - Ta.. da.., Needlepoint - Gobelin Stitch

Yey - I have completed the sophie's garden blanket which I started in February.  Made slow and steady progress and finally completed.  I don't want to write too much about it.  Just want to show it.  That's all.  Here we go.

(This is the part which I have crocheted to get the rectangle shape.  3 rows of dc, 3 rows of granny stripe, again 3 rows of dc, a row of bobble st, a row of dc again,.. Made  a long piece of solid grany squares and attached it to the blanket using zipper join.   Then two rows of dc, 3 rows of v stitch and dc's, again 3 rows of dc).

Then for the border I have done three rounds of dc's, then a round of v stiches, then done sc, dc, sc in each v stitch.

( This is the closeup)

One last snap.

My biggest project of this is over and this is my first blanket.  Used so many colors with different shades in this project.  Happy to see the outcome.  It is now happily smiling in my bedroom.  Just for showcasing  on my bed.

Project details:
Pattern by Dedri of lookatwhatimade.  You can find the information and pattern regarding the blanket here.
Yarn used            :Acrylic yarn 4 ply.
Hook size            : 3 mm
Total no of balls: 47 balls of yarn each 25 gms.

Also I have worked one more block on my needlepoint sampler.  The stitch is Gobelin stitch done vertically and diagonally.  Worked over 3 and 4 canvas threads.  You can learn the stitch from here.
Block 2 - Gobelin Stitch

On my craft side, I am concentration more on embroidery on the saree which I have started at months back.  Pallu part is almost over.  Embellishing has to be done.  And some motifs has to be stitched on the body part.  Half of the border is over and have to do the remaining.  Hopefully I will completed the whole embroidery whithin this month and within that I should not start any new projects.  

Also I have made the quilled photo frame.  Some finishing touches has to be done. Will come with that frame and my doodles in my next post.  Till then happy crocheting and crafting.  Have a joyful sunday.

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Friday, June 12, 2015

Needlepoint Tent stitch

Last week I have got my mail from Pradhan embroidery stores with some yarns, embroidery threads, purse thread and single thread tapestry canvas.  I am happy that I have got the canvas in my hand.  So with the thought of making a needlepoint stitch sampler I started with the tent stitch.   Used all the six strands of embroidery thread.  I have learned to do the stitch from here.  

Block 1 - TENT STITCH 

Also drawn a mandala in my sketch book.

Some quilled creations for a photo frame.

My Sophie's garden blanket is blocked and it is getting dried up.  Will take snaps next week and will be posted here.  Till then happy crafting and embroidering.  Have a happy weekend.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Bargello Needlepoint and some doodles

Apart from the surface embroidery, Kutch work, Kasuti, cross stitch etc I like to do bargello needlepoint embroidery.  There are so many patterns in this.  With simple long stitch or straight stitch we can create beautiful patterns depending on the color combo.  It is also known as florentine stitch or flame stitch embroidery.  It is worked in needlepoint canvas.  I didn't have the canvas and so I have tried this in aida cloth with all 6 strands of embroidery thread.  That's why gaps are seen in between the threads.  If it is done in needlepoint or tapestry canvas the embroidered area will be filled completely.  These patterns will work up quickly.  My next project on needlepoint will be on tapestry canvas

I have tried the simple pattern and turned that piece into a purse.  If you want to try your hands on it visit this page. Now over to the embroidered piece.  Click on the images to view better.

During the month of May I was not able to do more embroidery since kids were at home and I was mainly crocheting the sohpie's garden blanket.  It is in its finishing stage and in a day  or two it will be completed.  After that I will post the completed blanket.  In between I have crocheted some solid granny squares with 2 rounds.  In my next post I will show where I have used those squares. 

Also Look at what I have doodled in my free time.  A zentangle mandala and a colourful page with some patterns.  Followed the youtube videos for drawing these.  Want to draw one? click here and here for the video.

From Monday onwards kids will be back to school and I am ready for my next embroidery project.  Design, fabric and threads were also selected.  Waiting for monday.  Before that Sophie's garden should be completed.  Wish me good luck.  Bye.

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