Saturday, November 30, 2013

Crocheted bag

I have crocheted this bag sometime bag.  The pattern is from here.  It is a very easy pattern.  In the pattern it was a messenger bag.  But I have done it like a shoulder bag and I gave it to my mom.  Here comes the bag;

I have managed to stitch a zipper and lining using my sewing machine.

This is the closeup of the bag.

One last snap.  But I don't know why the picture got rotated while uploading.  Anybody know the reason?

I have crocheted two more bags and I will show them in the coming posts.  So, do watch my space.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Chikankari Motifs

I was wondering when I saw some of the chikan embroidered materials having a small bead like stitch.  That was more attractive in any chikan embroidered piece.  But don't know how to do that stitch. 
 After googling for days I have found a post in this and that my random thoughts.  I have stunned to see a saree with this phanda stitch.  Through her I have got the link to learn the phanda stitch and it is here.  Thanks to Deepa for giving the information regarding the phanda stitch.
 After learning that stitch I have tried some chikan embroidery motifs using the phanda stitch.  The result was beautiful.  I am planning to do a chikan kurti so that I can apply these stitch that and decided to use the third motif all over the kurti.

This is a small motif which can be used all over the body in a saree.
In the following motif I have used Bhakya stitch(Double back stitch) and phanda stitch.
Regarding the colours which color is apt for pink color fabric? Pink or blue.  Waiting for your suggestions.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Kasuti Lunch Towel

This is the second lunch towel which I have made using a simple kasuti design.  The pictures got rotated while uploading.  I have used 6 strands of anchor cotton embroidery thread in a 10 count aida.

You can view my another lunch towel here.

I have some completed crochet projects and chikankari motifs to show you.  So do come and watch my space.  Till then, Happy embroidering and crafting.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Lunch towels

After learning to do embroidery I wanted to do something for my kids.  But for boys what can I do.  I made two pillow covers with their names in it.  Some time back I have got blue coloured aida fabric and from that time onwards I was urging to do a lunch towel for my boys.  So decided to go for a simple embroidery on both the sides.  The first one I have come up with the Holbein stitch and got the idea from Anchor needle and thread magazine.  Here it comes:

Here is the close up.

The two lines are double running stitch forward in blue and reverse in red.  It is a 10 count aida fabric.  So, Four strands of anchor cotton embroidery thread have been used. 
In my next post I will be showing one more lunch towel with kasuti borders on both the sides.  So do watch my space. 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Saree blouse

Today I have come up with the blouse for the saree which I have posted here.  The design is very simple.  Two lines with whipped running stitch.  In between the lines chain stitch is done in a zig zag manner and for the sleeves herringbone stitch is used.  Then the star shape is done using the fly stitch.  That's all. 

A close up

Now the blouse along with sleeves.
Close up of the sleeves.

Hope all of you like it.  Waiting for your feedbacks.


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

yey..................Saree completed

Back in April I have started to embroider this saree and uff............ it is completed now.  I have blogged about the designs and the stitches before.  you can see it here and here. But today I am going to show u the completed saree.  I find difficulty in taking the photographs.  I don't know how to capture the complete pallu.  Since it is a chiffon material some wrinkles are here and there.  I have tried my best to capture the saree.  do have a look. 
I have used pearl cotton thread for the flowers and varieagated anchor cotton thread for the stems and the leaves. 

Now I am planning to do some simple embroidery in the blouse.  So do come back and watch my space.

The matching blouse for this saree is here.

Updated on 12/09/2015