Saturday, April 30, 2016

April smalls SAL

Hello my dear readers,

Hope all of u r doing good.  This month being so hot in our place my stitching time has been reduced. Didn't feel like doing anything.  Fans are running in the max. speed and i don't like to stitch with fan at full speed.  The fabric, the threads will also dance along with the fan and it irritates a lot. Also, I didn't feel like writing a post.   I should not murmur about this hottest season coz, God has blessed us with the blessing we need for this season like AC, cooler, etc.  So 

Don't count on your problems,
Count on your blessings.

Today I made up my mind to write this post and thought I will edit my photos sitting in the bedroom as AC is running there and then continue with the post after wards.  But to my luck wi-fi is being accessible from the bedroom(this happens once in a while) and you know I am happily writing this post.  He...He...

 Last month I was not able to participate in the smalls SAL hosted by stitching lotus.  This month I have decided to do some simple and small stitching and selected a design from kinkavelcrosses.  I didn't book mark the exact page from that site. If u r interested in stitching this design u can find it under the cross stitch category. You will so many cross stitch and black work design there.

I will be finishing this up into a pin cushion which I am in need of during stitching.

I have finished this in an evening with the left over threads.  Used two strands of thread.    Hope I will be finishing it into a pin cushion this week.  Once finished I will show u the pin cushion.

Long back I have tried a piece of interlocking crochet and it is here for u to see.  It is "Bargello design" from the book interlocking crochet by Tannis Gallik. I have downloaded the free edition in kindle.  You can see couple of rows in the beginning is different. I made a mistake in the pattern and it forms a different design and after that I got a hang on it and got the pattern correct.  This is going to be made into a purse to be gifted to my niece when they will be back to school in June.  I like interlocking crochet coz there is no weaving of threads often.

On my stitchy side I have started a kasuti sampler and a kasuti kurti is also in progress.  For the kurti I am afraid I will ran out of threads.  If not I will finish it this week and will come up that in my next post.  Next month will be busy and hot month as kids are at home for summer vacation. So my crafting time will get reduced.  Any way those who r in India be safe and stay indoors as much as possible.  Have a happy weekend. Happy stitching etc.

I am linking this post to Smalls SAL - April 2016.  Hop over there to see what others have done.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Aari embroidery blouse and tatting

For 2015 christmas dress I have made simple embroidery in my blouse using Aari technique.  I have made it very simple with only aari chain stitch and then sticked some stones. Used gold color and red color silk embroidery thread.

In February I got tatting needles from Raja thread stores, Chennai and then I tried needle tatting.  This is what I come up with after some trials. A tatted bookmark. 

Also, I have completed another page in my "Harmony"  Mega cross stitch project.  The photos before and after.

After.  Ears of the puppy is seen now.  Happy to see the project growing inch by inch.

Now I am doing a kasuti embroidery project.  Some crochet projects are finished and waiting for blocking and  taking snaps.  Will be back with another finish.  In our place temperature is shooting up. Not able to bear the hot climate in this month itself.  Next month phew can't imagine.  Anyway do watch my space for my next post.