Saturday, December 1, 2018

Embroidery design 11 - Kutch work pattern

Hi all,

Today I am here to publish my 11th free design for this year.  Sorry for being late. It is a kutch work pattern for the front side of the kurti.  It can be worked as an overall pattern also.  I have stitched this in a cotton cloth.  It came out really well.   Already I have stitched one kurti in the same pattern and you can view it here.  This is the second time working with this design and I was not bored of doing it.  Have a look at the kurti first.

Now the pattern

Threads used (Anchor embroidery threads)
Red - No 20
Blue - No 149

No of strands used - 2

You can draw this design on a 8 lines per inch graph paper and you can trace it in the fabric.    Hope all of you like this pattern and work.  Will be back with some crochet works in my next post.  Till then, Have a happy time with your needle and thread.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

MCP update, Black and white quilt blocks - set 2

Hello all

Hope all r busy with their needle n thread and other crafts.  I am also a busy with my yarn, needle n thread.  

Today I am here to give an update on my mega cross stitch project.  I have completed one more page  and it took nearly 22 hours to finish that page.  With out much blah blah let me show u the cross stitch piece.  I am happy that another puppy has shown its face. 



You can see from the before and after pic how slowly the piece is progressing.  After completing this I am concentrating on a saree which I am doing it for my SIL. I have to give her before x'mas.  

In this post I have mentioned about a black and white quilt blocks which I have started in the beginning of this year.  I have planned to make one block per week.  But my sewing machine cheated me by not stitching properly.  So I have given it for repair and I got it before a months time and then I have managed to sew some more blocks.  The next set of blocks for you to see.

I have followed the pattern for the blocks from here.  It's a beautiful blog to go through for those who like quilting.

That's all I have today to show u.  This month's free pattern is ready and I am in the process of editing that pictures.  Will be back with the free design in my next post.  Till then, Have a happy time.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Embroidery design 10 - Running stitch practice

Hello all

I am happy to share the free design for this month.  I am satisfied that atleast I was able to make it atleast in the last few hours of this month.   This month it's a simple design with only stems and leaves.  I wanted to try kantha embroidery.  As a trial I included the running stitch in this design and the leaves are stitched with my favorite leaf stitch.  I have worked this design in a raw silk kind of material.  Over to the design.

A close up

Now on to the pattern.

Stitches used
Stem - Running stitch ( 3 strands)
Leaves - Leaf stitch ( 2 strands)

Threads used -Anchor embroidery thread
Stem -  150
Leaves - 185

Hope all of you like this pattern.  If any one of u tried this pattern do send me a picture.  I will display it in this page.

The design for the next month is all worked and the pattern is also ready.  Will come up with that soon. Till then, Have a happy time with needle and thread.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Hexagon crochet and Mega cross stitch update

Hello all

Happy to do a blog post today.  Hexagons in crochet always attracts me.  Last year I have done a baby blanket out of solid hexagons.  This time I have tried starburst hexagon pattern and I started making more.  For each round I changed colors and though it has so many odd ends to weave in, I liked the way it turned out.  I have made a small runner out of those hexagons. And I have displayed it in my dining table.  

I followed the pattern from here.  I joined on the go and weaved in the ends. Making a cushion cover is also in the queue with this pattern.

Next comes the update on my mega cross stitch project harmony.  I have completed one more page and a part of a small puppy is seen now.  It is very cute. 



Everyday I am trying to put 100 stitches in this but sometimes other projects take its priority.  I am trying to concentrate on one project at a time but my mind wanders here and there.  What about you? Do you stick to one at a time or more than one.  Do let me know in the comments.

This year I have started a quilting project but in between my sewing went to a sleepy mode since the stitches were irregular. Last month I have repaired it and have done some more blocks.  Will be showing it in my next post. 

Till then Have a happy time with your needle n thread.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Embroidery design 9 - Floral design with quote

I am happy to share the free design for this month.  It is a simple floral design with a simple quote.  

I have completed the embroidered patch into a cushion.  Embroidery is done on plain white poplin cloth.  Just  I have added that dots with a blue marker.  

Back side of cushion.  Added a dark blue fabric in the edge to give a different look.

Now onto the pattern.

Stitches used:
Big flowers - straight stitch(2 strands)
Big leaves - Leaf stitch(2 strands)
Small leaves - Satin stitch(2 strands)
Stem - Stem stitch(2 strands)
Stem with pointed tip - Pistil stitch(4 strands)
Center of flowers - Satin stitch
Letters - Back stitch(3 strands)

Thread used (Anchor embroidery cotton thread)
Flowers - No 154, 169, 185
Leaves - 189, 878
Stem - 878
center of flower - 1217
Pistil stitch - 189
Letters - 169

Some close ups before ending the post.

Hope all of you liked this months pattern.  I am happy that I have posted it before the next month begins.  Will meet you with a crochet finish in my next post.  Till then happy embroidering.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Exploring Long and Short stitch

Hi all

Hope all r doing well. Today I am very very happy to share with you my embroidered flower in long and short stitch.  Whenever I see embroidery projects using long and short stitch, I always wanted to learn it perfectly and want to make a project out of it.  I am very much inspired by the projects done by Flora of Flora's colors.

Then comes the projects of Trish Burr who is a perfectionist in long and short stitch projects.  I bought one of her books "Long and Short Stitch Embroidery, A collection of flowers" under Milner craft series through Amazon.  For more than two years I was going thru that books like a kid and it is a colorful treat to the eyes.  

First have a look at my LS flower(long and short stitch flower).

Last month when I completed all my custom orders for the kurti(usually I don't take any orders.  I do it only for my co sister for her colleagues bcoz she is the one who encourages me a lot in my family to do more of my passion than anybody else), I decided not to do any project with deadline this year.  Doing with some deadlines always creates stress and I don't want that stress in continuing my passion.  So nowadays I am enjoy doing embroidery as well as cross stitch and crochet in my own pace.  And that too sometimes leave me in a situation that I am doing something without any aim.   

So I took the first project in the book and choose the colors which I had in my collection that is nearest to the shades recommended in the book and finally started doing it .  Though it is a small flower it took me one day on and off between my house hold chores and I really like the out come.  I am feeling soo happy after completing and will be doing more on long and short stitch after publishing this months free pattern. 

Now a close up of the LS flower.

I have worked this flower with two strands of anchor embroidery threads.  The book is a very useful one for those who are interested in learning the techniques of long and short stitch.

Hope all of u like it.  I will be back with another finish in cross stitch in my next post.  Till then have a happy time with needle n thread. 

Friday, August 31, 2018

Embroidery design 8 - Buttonhole flower motif

Hello all,

Today I am here to share the free design for this month.  Atlast I am on the track of posting one design per month.  So, today's motif is the 8th design in that series.  I have stitched this simple motif with button hole stitch which any one can easily stitch within a few minutes. 


Stitches used
Flower - Button hole stitch
Stem - Back stitch
Leaves - Lazy daisy stitch

Thread used (Anchor embroidery threads)
Flower -  290 (3 strands)
Stem -  225(3 strands)
Leaves - 257 (6 strands)

If any of you tried my patterns do send me a picture of your work.  I will be very happy to display it in my blog. 

I hope all of you liked this design.  I will be coming up with a new design in the next month.  Till then happy embroidering.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Crocheted bag and a purse

Hello all

Hope everyone is doing well and happy with your needle, thread and yarn.  I am also busy doing some crochet projects as well as some embroidery.

I have completed a crochet bag and a purse.  Happy to showcase it here.

Chroma crochet bag:

Pattern is from here.  I have used 4 ply local acrylic yarn and a 4mm hook.  

Block stitch purse

Followed the pattern from here.  It is an easy and attractive stitch.  Will be doing more projects using this stitch in future.

That's all for now.  What's in your hook.  Do let me know in the comments.  

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Embroidery design 7 - Kutch work border

Hello all,

Today I am sharing with you the free design which has been scheduled for last month.  I was postponing it everyday to write a blog post for no reason but I was busy doing embroidery and crochet.

For the free design I am giving the border that comes along with the neck pattern which I have posted  previously.   Here is the embroidered borders.

Front border

Close up

Sleeve Border

Now the pattern
Front Border

Sleeve border

In sleeve border I have worked herringbone stitch on the double lines.  Then worked a line of running stitch above and below the herringbone stitch.

The fabric I have used to stitch is ordinary poplin cotton.
Thread used is No.257 Anchor embroidery thread.
For the straight lines I have used Running stitch and Herringbone stitch.
No of strands used : 2

For this months design I am working on a simple flower design.  Before that I will be posting some crochet finishes.  So do watch this space and drop in your comments about this kutch work.  It will keep me going.  

Bye for now. 

Have a happy time with needle and thread.  

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Embroidery design 6 - Kutch work Yoke

Hello all

Posting here after a month.  It's a long break for me.  I have failed to post the free design for the month of June.  So I will be posting two designs this month.  

This month it's a kutch work yoke design.  On to the worked piece.

Close up

The pattern is below

I have drawn this pattern on a 8 lines per inch graph paper which is downloaded from the net.  I used to download the paper from here

The fabric I have used to stitch is ordinary poplin cotton. 
 Thread used is No.257 Anchor embroidery thread.  
For the straight lines I have used Running stitch.
No of strands used : 2

Hope all of u like this design.  Will come up with the sleeve border and the front border for this yoke design in my next free design post.  Till then, Have a happy time with needle n thread.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Rose Doily

Hello all

Hope all are doing well.  Life is moving on in a busy mode.  Squeezing a little time now and then amidst of all the household chores and other things.  Last year for our church sale I have crocheted this doily.  It doesn't pop up in the blog post till now.  I don't know how that one has been missed.  So today I am happily presenting my rose doily.  

The pattern is a free one which I have got from here.  Crocheted using 1.75 mm hook and thread is Anchor knitting Cotton thread(I think so).

I framed it with golden color.  This piece got sold in the sale for a good price. 

After that I didn't crocheted doilies.  So I should crochet one to reduce my stash.  Will meet u soon with another doily.  Till then, Happy crocheting.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Crochet Table mate cover, Mega cross stitch update

Hello all

Happy to be here to show u my table mate cover.  Long back I have made it and today I have found it in my drafts folder.  So determined to write this post.  I have made it using the pattern Lacy granny square.   I have used only two shades of lavender yarn from the  local  yarn. Joined it using braided join method.

Also I have completed one more page from the mega cross stitch project.  



I have a big needlepoint chart for "The Last Supper".  It is a printed kit.  I am trying to work 50 stitches per day.  A kasuti saree is also on my hoop.  Trying to allot 15 mins a day and these two are growing steadily.  From Monday onwards I should put some stitches in the mega cross stitch project so that I should not forget it.

I am ending this post coz I am sleepy.  Bye.  Have a happy time with needlenthread,  

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Embroidery design 5 - Buttonhole stitch Neck design

Hello all,

I am very late in posting this months free design.  When I was ready with my design to post, a lot of unpleasant things happened in our city last week. For three days the shops were closed, buses were stopped and nothing was normal. Protest to ban Sterlite(A factory which manufactures copper) was going on and it ended up in a heart broken way.  If u want to know more about it just google or search in you tube. Internet was not there for more than 3 days.  But now everything is coming back to normal slowly.  But the victims and their families of the protest are suffering a lot.  That factory has to be banned bcoz sulphuric acid is getting mixed up with the air for more than 22 yrs. Arsenic has been mixed up with the land and ground water. Since it is poisonous all the people of tuticorin are struggling to ban it for the welfare of our future generations.  Now government has issued orders to close the factory, but we don't know how long  it will be closed. Money is playing a major role in this matter and only God has to save us.  Ok,  leave it.

Let me give the free design for this month. It is a buttonhole stitch design.  Easy to do and you can complete it fast. You can stick stones or make a french knots in the centre of the flowers.

Now the pattern

Stitches used:

Flowers - Buttonhole stitch(2 strands)
Stem - Back stitch(3 strands)
Leaves - Lazy Daisy stitch(3 strands)
Neckline - Chain stitch variation(6 strands)(you can also go for herringbone or chevron stitch)

Threads used:
Flowers - 20(maroon)
stem and leaves - 188(green shade)

I will update this post with the method I have done the chain stitch variation.  Last month I have promised to do kantha border for this months free design.  I was not able to complete it.  So I have uploaded this design as this has been in my drafts.  Next month I will come up with the kantha embroidery border design.  Before that some more finished pieces are waiting to be showcased here.  So do watch my space.  Till then, Bye.