Monday, April 15, 2019

Saying Bye to Fairies

Hello all,

I have started doing this fairies project as a part of smalls SAL in Jan 2017.  At that time the patterns were free in this blog.  Luckily I downloaded the chart for all twelve months.  After that it became paid pattern and now sorry that page doesn't exist.  

On 2017 I was regular till May.  After that I left these fairies unattended.  Then again picked it up and completed 5 more fairies.  And finally in 2019 I completed the last three fairies and one project in my work basket left its place.  I added these quotes to add some positivity in me when I see this frame.  It's already framed with black frame and it is adorning my living room wall.

(Please click on the image for better view)

I am so happy that I have completed this project.  Next the rainbow SAL which I have started again in 2017 is waiting for its turn to finish it.

In my next post I will be coming up with a embroidered kurti.  Till then, Happy cross stitching.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Kutch work motif and crochet clips

Hi all

Hope all r doing good and busy.  Heat of the summer is horrible and v r afraid to face the coming weeks.  In this climate doing embroidery is not enjoyable.  But to be more productive doing our passion make us more satisfied at the end of the day.  From January I was doing a kutch work saree for my sister in law.  I have completed that and have tried to embellish that motifs.  Sticking pink stones in in the plan.  But as of now I have only pink sequins.  So tried a motif with sequins and it looks like this now.  

After buying pink stones we will be sticking it to the saree. 

Also I have crocheted some small flowers and glued it to the hair clip.  They are lined up here.

These are all for now.  In my next post I will be coming up with the completed cross stitched fairies.  Till then, Have a nice day.  Have a happy time with needle n thread.