Friday, October 23, 2020

Embroidery design - Buttonhole / Blanket stitch

Hi all

Here is my next free embroidery design.  An easy stitch to embroider flowers.  Easy way to fill the flowers.  You can use this stitch to embroider leaves also. 

Pattern for the design

Here, the big flowers are divided into three parts.  The outer part has been worked with buttonhole stitch.  Then worked some straight stitches from the middle of each stitches towards the second part of the flower.  From the middle of each straight stitches, some more straight stitches have been worked towards the center of the flower concentrating the round in the center of the flower.  Then the flower center is worked with french knots.  

The small flower is worked with outer layer of button hole stitches and with straight stitches towards the center and then french knots in the center.  

Leaves are all worked with buttonhole stitch drawing a line the middle of the leaves.  Then the middle line is stitch with back stitch. If you feel the background fabric is shown after stitching the leaves, some straight stitches can be worked with the next darker shade of the thread to fill the gaps.  I have done some straight stitches in the two leaves on top left. 

Flowers - Buttonhole stitch with straight stitches and french knots in the center.
Leaves - Buttonhole stitch with straight stitches 
Stem - Stem stitches

Threads used - Anchor Embroidery threads 
Flower - 74, 66 (3 strands)- Outer layer and middle layer
59 - Inner straight stitches(very dark) - 2 strands
Leaves  - 239, 268 - 3 strands
French knots - 288 ( 6 strands with 1 wrap)

Hope all of you like this design.  In my next post, I will come with an update in mega cross stitch project and about my future project which is also my next step in my embroidery journey.   So do watch my space.  Till then, happy embroidery.  

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Buttonhole stitch kurti Neckline Embroidery

 Hi all 

Hope all are doing well. I am happy to show you all the latest embroidery work which I have done on a kurti.  It's a mulberry silk material.  Done the embroidery using buttonhole stitch and lazy daisy stitch.  Have a look at it. 


Pattern for the neckline

All the stitches are done with three strands of embroidery threads.  Big flowers are done with buttonhole stitch and the small flowers and leaves are done with lazy daisy stitch.  Stems are done with stem stitch which my favourite one for doing the stems. In the centre of the flowers is french knots with 1 wrap.

Hope all of you like this design.  Do try it and let me know in the comments. In my next post I will come up with two canvas wall hangings we have made during this lock down to decorate our walls.  Till then, happy embroidering.