Wednesday, November 21, 2018

MCP update, Black and white quilt blocks - set 2

Hello all

Hope all r busy with their needle n thread and other crafts.  I am also a busy with my yarn, needle n thread.  

Today I am here to give an update on my mega cross stitch project.  I have completed one more page  and it took nearly 22 hours to finish that page.  With out much blah blah let me show u the cross stitch piece.  I am happy that another puppy has shown its face. 



You can see from the before and after pic how slowly the piece is progressing.  After completing this I am concentrating on a saree which I am doing it for my SIL. I have to give her before x'mas.  

In this post I have mentioned about a black and white quilt blocks which I have started in the beginning of this year.  I have planned to make one block per week.  But my sewing machine cheated me by not stitching properly.  So I have given it for repair and I got it before a months time and then I have managed to sew some more blocks.  The next set of blocks for you to see.

I have followed the pattern for the blocks from here.  It's a beautiful blog to go through for those who like quilting.

That's all I have today to show u.  This month's free pattern is ready and I am in the process of editing that pictures.  Will be back with the free design in my next post.  Till then, Have a happy time.