Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Kutchwork kurti - Ta da moment

Hello all, 

Hope all r doing good.  Its 42 c in our place and I am not interested to stitch or craft during day and at night I am not ready to sit in the hall for stitching since we switch on the AC for sleeping. So I rush to the bedroom ASAP.   I have a custom order for a kutch work kurti and I had to send that yesterday I somehow managed to finish it last week.  Till now I have been stitching the readily available designs from the design books.  But this time I have seen a design in an online kurti shop and managed to draw that by myself and stitched it.  Feeling very happy about it as I have designed a pattern for the dress.  Now over to the kurti.

Border for sleeves

Front of the kurti

The fabric is silk cotton and I have stitched using anchor embroidery threads.

Stitches used
Kutch works - 3 strands(no :254)
Herringbone stitch - 2 strands(no:254)
Chain stitch - 2 stands(no:529 - blue lines)

Happy with the outcome.  

This summer we are not going for any vacation  trips. So to please me DH bought me so much crafty items thru amazon.  It includes craft books, rulers, glue gun, fabric, thread etc.  Will come up with those lovely gifts in one of my post.  

Now on my embroidery hoop is the april fairy I am finishing for the smalls sal.  One crochet bag is also in the finishing stage and a crochet purse too.  These too are for the sale in the church during September.  In my next post I will come up with the April fairy.  Also I am planning to take up a fourway bargello project.  I have to see whether the threads are available for that.  

So I am closing up my post with this.  How is summer in your part of the world. I am drinking only water. cooking two times a day but not interested to eat.  What abt u people?  I am waiting for May to come to an end soon.