Friday, May 6, 2016

A kasuti Sampler

Hello all,

Hope all r doing good.  Thanks for the comments in my previous post.  When I started doing cross stitch designs in black color background inspires me.  And once I have found a black color 10ct aida cloth in a shop and bought two meters.  But when I got 14ct aida in my hand I kept the 10ct unattended. 

 During the starting of this year I was cleaning my cupboard and found the old black aida.  I thought of using it for some purpose and when I measured it, it fits a small bed in my home.  So I started to do a kasuti sampler because I want to try all the designs of kasuti I am having in a book.  With an enthusiasm I started, but, after that I find it difficult to find the holes in that black color aida cloth.  So to solve that issue I wrapped  white color tape (the one used for dressing purpose in hospitals) around my index finger of the left hand and started stitching.  This time it is even more easier and the holes r visible easily.  I started with a simple border and so far I have completed 3 borders and 4 sets of motifs.  I have started doing it from the centre and the embroidery is growing towards one end. 

So lets have a look at the sampler .  Click on the image to get a closer view.

This border forms a nice and wide border for kurtis or sarees.

The sampler so far

I am using 3 strands of  anchor variegated threads.  It is going to be a long term project.  Currently I am working on two kurti's (kasuti and kutch) made on custom order. I ran out of thread and ordered some anchor threads.  All these are somewhat big projects.  Takes time to complete it.  So in order to get instant satisfaction I am doing crochet coasters now and then.  

Hope all of u like my sampler.   I am eagerly waiting for my parcel from pradhan embroidery stores.   In  my next post I will come up with a finished crochet coaster and some kits I own.  Till then, Happy embroidering.