Saturday, January 31, 2015

Crochet - Coasters and valance

I have made these coasters and valance a month back. Only today they have come to visit the blogland.  I have not bookmarked the link for the coaster pattern.  If I come across it I will update the link.  Initially I have an idea to hang it in the kitchen but after the first coaster is made my mind changed and I didn't make the hanging loops for the other two.  So here comes the coasters.

Maybelle flower craze is not over.  The  second valance in blue color combo.  The pattern for the flower is here.

Want to see my pink version of the valance.  Click here.

Regarding the kasuti embroidery table cloth, the embroidery part is over.  I am doing the edging.  Will show it in my next post along with some more WIP's.  Till then, Happy crocheting.

ஷமி  இம்மானுவேல்.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Zentangle - pattern2

Today I am here with my second pattern of zentangle series.  For the embroidery part I have used only back stitch.

Pattern Which I have used to trace it on the fabric is the below one.

The Pattern embroidered on fabric.

Now with both the weeks pattern.

I will be back with my next tangle pattern.  Till then Happy doodling.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Two old boxes

Earlier when I started doing embroidery, I have no idea how to arrange the thread, keep the scraps etc.  I used to keep everything in these two sweet boxes.  After that when I started keeping my embroidery threads according to colors I forgot about these boxes. Last month when I was arranging the shelf I saw these old boxes and saw what's there inside.  I got my misplaced needle threader and some beads which I was searching for months.  Then I arranged all my scrap threads and finally see how boxes are looking now.  There is always a joy seeing something neatly arranged.  I had that joy yesterday moreover I got a set of needles from that box.  Now over to my boxes old and new.

After arranging them  everything fits in one box.

I am linking this post to messy to classy link party.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Kasuti Embroidery Table cloth - New start

This year I have started a table cloth using kasuti embroidery.  I have planned to so small motifs and a filler motif.  To start of with the progress I have embroidered three small motifs and some filler motifs.  Today I will show u the motif and at the end I will show the complete table cloth.

I am working this table cloth on 10ct white aida cloth with 3 strands of embroidery thread. Next post is all about the list of projects planned for 2015.  So do watch my space.  Till then Happy a happy time with needle n thread.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Zentangle - A new find

Whenever I have a paper and pen in my hand I had the habit of doodling things in paper.  The corner of the newspapers, magazines, will have some signatures of mine and some line drawings.  Though I am not interested in freehand drawing, I like to draw patterns using lines on waste papers. 

One fine day I have come across the blog posts of Annet here.  It inspired me to learn more about that and I googled about it.  I learned that it is zentangle.  It is like a fun drawing which makes us to relax and creates beautiful patterns when drawn repetitively.  After that I searched for some patterns and started drawing on a diary.  Black color pen is used to draw zentangle patterns,  I have drawn some pages and this year I thought why not we transfer those patterns to fabric.  So I have decided to embroider one pattern per week on a white cotton fabric so that the fabric becomes a patterned one.  

Last week I have started my first pattern and here it is.  The first one is the pattern I have drawn on the diary. Second picture is the one I have drawn in a big square to trace on to the fabric.  Third one is the embroidered zentangle.

For the embroidery part I have used back stitch for lines and satin stitch for the filling.

I will come up with next pattern in zentangle in the next week.  Till then, Happy doodling.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

New start in the new year

Hello Readers,

      Happy New year.  This year I have planned a couple of projects so that I can have a regular stitching and complete it.  Will list them in my next post.  One of them is a shadow work project in a saree.  The design I have taken is from Anchor Needle n thread magazine. 

The color of the saree is pale yellow and it is looking like white in the photo.  I was not able to capture the exact color.  I have completed one motif and today it is there for you to see.  The stones will be glued only after the complete embroidery is done.  For the time being I have placed the stones in the places where I am going to stick it.  Used two strands of anchor thread for the lines and 3 strands for shadow work(double back stitch).

A close up.

I have some FO's to show u.  So keep watching my space.  Till then, Happy embroidering.