Thursday, December 31, 2020

Cross Stitch Finishes for Christmas

 Hi all, 

Hope all are doing well.  Our Christmas celebrations are over and happy that everything went on well.  As a part of Christmas, I used to stitch something like ornaments every year.  This year I have stitched two wall hangings.  I have completed one fully and for the other stitching part is over but finishing it into a wall hanging is still pending.  

I wanted to blog about it before this year because in new year I wanted to show new projects to you.  So, onto the cross stitch pieces.

This chart I got from pinterest.  This one I haven't completed into wall hanging.  Now the next  one.

For this instead of hemming the border I have removed 4 rows of threads each sides.  Then glued it to the glitter foam and then glued the glitter foam to a cardstock.  I have placed this in an easel stand instead of tying a ribbon at the back. 

That's all for today's post.  If possible I will try to make a collage of all the projects which I have done this year.  Till then, Happy cross stitching and a Happy new year.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Crochet Coasters, Miniature frock

 Hi all,

Hope all are doing well.  We are all getting for Christmas.  Today I have come up with two little crochet projects that I have  done to get instant satisfaction.  

Miniature Frock

I love to crochet wearables.  But there is  no one to wear it.  Moreover the climate in our place is hot.  So nobody likes to wear a crocheted item.  Nowadays crocheted shrugs are seen here and there. So to satisfy myself I have crocheted this miniature frock.  I like it very much.  I started by seeing a pattern from the net.  But changed some stitches count in order to get it right according to my taste.  It came out perfect.  

I was not able to stop with one and made another one.  The hanger in the above frock is the one which my friend Mini gifted me.  The frock fits the palm of my hand.  Very cute little frock.  


These are the two coasters which I have crocheted in a single sitting that too for instant satisfaction.  I followed a pattern from crochet n create.   I  was not able to find the pattern in that website now. you can find  more simple and interesting mandala patterns and other patterns too.   

I hope all of you like these two cute crocheted items.  I will be back with another finish in  my next post. Till then, happy crocheting.