Saturday, March 23, 2019

Some crochet creations

Hello all

These are some of the crochet creations which I have done some time back.  They are pending for a long time. If I show them one by one in separate posts  I will take the whole year to put it in the blog.  So I am showing them all in one post.  

This is a small table mat which I have done in 3 ply acrylic yarn purchased from pradhan embroidery stores.

These are small coasters.  It is a free pattern from here.

This is a table centre piece done in granny rounds.  

These are snowflakes done looooooong back.  Done in 4 ply acrylic yarn.  

This is a small table cloth made for a coffee table with the traditional granny square.

This is again a granny rows.  First I thought of making a bag with these but after that I have changed it into two placemats for the dining  table.

This is another coaster.  I missed the link for the free pattern.  Once I found I will update here.

That's all for today.  In my next post I will be coming up with a embroidery sampler.  So do watch my space.  Till then have a happy time.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

So far So Good

Hi all

This is going to be a small post.  I am happy to give an update on my ripple blanket and the cross stitch cushion.  So far I am doing as per the schedule doing one row per day and 2 block in the cushion.  Here they are at the end of February.

In my next post I will be showing  some crochet finishes which I have completed earlier.  Till then have a happy time with needle n thread.