Monday, July 29, 2013

A saying with a cross stitch border

I Love to embroider letters.  Earlier I have embroidered The Lord's Prayer and this is my second project in letter embroidering. It is a small project and I like the wordings.  I have got the pattern from here.  You can get lots and lots of patterns big and small with charts in this site. Used Back stitch for the letter and the border in cross stitch. I have used OHP sheet for the front and back of the cross stitched pieced and made the border with the colored glittering cellotape. How is it? 


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Plastic canvas Photo frame

In one of my previous posts I have shown a cross stitched swans.  U can see it here.  I have created a frame for it so that I can hang it in the wall.  Used plastic canvas and crochet and it is now ready to adorn the wall.  Ta - da - da...

In the wall
I have used OHP sheet for the front and back of the cross stitched piece.  The orange color portion of the frame is T stitch(needlepoint stitch).  To work up a T stitch u can refer this page. Then  Using sc, hdc, dc and trc' s of crochet I have created the scalloped edge for the frame.  Hope u all like it.  I'll end this post with a close up of the T stitch and scalloped edge.

I have blogged about some more photo frames earlier.  U can view it here.
I will come up with one more photo frame in my coming posts. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kutch work border blouse

This is the border which I have done for my silk blouse.  Kutch work goes well with the silk fabric.  I have used three strands of anchor cotton embroidery thread.  For the lines I used chain stitch with 2 strands.  How is it?

You can see my other kutch works here.  In my next post I will come up with my another kutch work design which I have done for a kurti.  Please have an eye on my blog.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Chikankari Swan

I have started to embroider this chikankari design long back.  Completed two days back.  Within that I have cross stitched two swans which I have blogged about it here.  Now coming back to the chikan swan, it took so many days coz I got bored while doing the fine details in the design.  Finally seeing the cross stitch swans I got interest in the chikan swan and completed it.  Here it is :

I have learned Chikan embroidery thru Anita of Artistic Fingers .  Many thanks to her.  Anita I am waiting for more SAL from you.
Hope all of you like this.  I will come up more design of chikan embroidery in my coming posts and next I will meet you with my kutch embroidery border for a blouse.  Till then,
Happy Embroidering.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Cross Stitch swans

Doing cross stitch with various shades of thread is time consuming and it requires patience.  I have done some small projects which can be completed in two to three days working an hour a day in both cross stitch and crochet.  I have some projects completed and not able to post because of the problem in the internet connection. 
Today I have come up with two swans which has been worked using the chart which has been given for filet crochet.  The stitched areas in the first one are left blank in the second.  Done the same design in two ways. The first design can also be counted in void embroidery (leaving the design unstitched).   The pattern can be found here.  Lots of tutorials and patterns can be found in that site.  Great for beginners.  Also doing it in a single color is easy. 
Thought of framing it using crochet.  Let me see how it works out. 
Now Showing you one of my WIP in chikan embroidery swan. 
Have to finish some more stitches and I will come up with the completed chikan swan.  Till then, Happy cross stitching and embroidering.