Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Kasuti Border for blouse

This is a border which I have done using kasuti.  I have attached the kasuti net and done the embroidery.  Then removed then net and the final result is this.  Since this is a continuous pattern I have used the net.  It is easy than tracing the design.  I have used autumn gold color anchor cotton thread and variegated brown for the stitching. Fabric is silk cotton.  Click on the image for a clear image.

this is the closeupmage

Waiting for your feedbacks.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Chemanthi Stitch

This is a sample which I have done to practice Chemanthi stitch.  Looks good for border when worked continuously.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Kutch Work Neck

Today I am showing you my kutch work Neck design.  The design in the center part is taken from Nirmala C. Mistry "Embroidery designs Blouses".    Kutch work is done using cone thread.  The scalloped part of the neck is  Braid stitch or cable plait stitch. I have learned it from here. Done this work on a lavender color plain 2x2 cloth.  Now I have to search for a cloth so that I can fit this yoke.  Planning to do border if I find the matching cloth for this yoke.  Waiting for your feedbacks.
You can find great kutch work tutorials here.  Thanks to Bhavani for helping me to learn kutch work free of cost.
Close up of the neck.
Sorry for the picture quality since it is taken through mobile camera.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

TAST - Sailor stitch, sailors Edge

This is my small sample for this weeks challenge.  New stitches to my dictionary.  Since I am busy with my other project on kutch work not able to explore the stitch.  I will come back with my finished projects after getting my camera.  Till then Happy stitching.


Friday, March 1, 2013

Cross stitch turns into Bookmark

In one of my previous post  I have shown u a cross stitched piece.  Now that piece has turned into a bookmark.   I have cut two pieces of OHP sheet according to the size of the cross stitched piece.  Then placed one on the back and the other piece to the front of the stitched fabric.  Then using a thin green insulation tape I have stitcked it to all the four sides so that it forms a neat edge.   Now a perfect bookmark is ready.


TAST - Buttonholed Herringbone, Sqaure and Laced Herringbone

Here is my samples of the last two weeks of TAST.  The first sample is buttonholed herringbone.  It was not perfect.  I have to practice more.

Now the sampler with Square herringbone and Laced herringbone stitches along with the previous stitches of TAST..