Saturday, September 20, 2014

Reversible bag with embroidered flower

Sometime back I saw a video in youtube on making a reversible bag by debbie shore.  Thanks Debbie for the video tutorial.  From that time my hands were itching to make one.  Two weeks back the time came and today i am here to present my reversible bag. The printed fabric which I have used here is my old worn out kurti.

 Before that i have done a small piece of embroidery on a cotton cloth.  The embroidery design is taken from mahila art centre book on Kashmiri embroidery.  I have repeated the same design four times so that it takes the shape of the circle.  Coming to the embroidery part the flowers are done using long tailed lazy daisy stitch.  For the stems i have used back stitch and straight stitch. Satin stitch is used for the centre of the flower and for the buds.    Since the black fabric combines with the color of the red printed fabric I have used the embroidered piece for one part of the bag.

The bag can be used in two ways.  This is the first one.

The reverse side of the bag.

Since I followed the video in youtube initially I didn't think of having a interface.  only after completing it, i felt i should have given a interface.  So the bag was not stiff.  Anyway I was happy that i was able to sew a reversible bag.  Soon I will be sewing a bag with proper interfacing.  

I have completed some small crochet projects to show you in my coming post. So do watch my space.   Till then happy sewing.  

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Cross stitch puppy - Ta-da....

Today I am presenting you a cross stitch finish.  started long time back but completed only last month.  Still framing part is remaining.  This is my first big cross stitch project.  The pattern is from this site.  It is meant for kids.  Since it is my first big project and it requires only seven colors I have selected this.  You can find so many free patterns in that site.   This has been stitched in 14 ct aida cloth with 2 strands of anchor embroidery thread. Now comes my cross stitch puppy in the pot.

some close ups.

This puppy makes me smile every time when I see it.  Also, I can see u smiling.  Be happy always.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Kutch Work Saree - Ta da

In the beginning of February this year, i have started to embroider a Kutch work saree and I have shown a small sample in a post here.  Embroidering a saree is not that much easy. I got the inspiration from Anchor Needlenthread magazine.  Started to embroider the pallu part. Slowly and steadily, inch by inch the embroidery begins to grow.  Then I didn't get the exact thread color which I am using and for a month it was kept idle. Then again in July started to do it.  So, i didn't take any new surface embroidery projects and when I got bored of doing the kutch work I used to crochet and completed some small projects in crocheting.

Now back to the kutch work saree.  I am not able to capture  the whole pallu.  Whole pallu has been embroidered. 3/4th of the body part has been filled with kutch work.  Other than kutch work I have used herringbone stitch and stem stitch. Have a look and pass on your comments.   Click on the image to get a better and clearer view.

Now comes the body part with the border.  The color of the saree was not captured properly here.  The color shown in the above pictures is the actual one.

Here comes the close ups.

You Can see the post regarding the embroidery in the blouse here.

Hope all of u like it.  will come up another Ta-da moment in cross stitch.  Till then, Have a happy time with your needle n thread.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Purse - A sewing Project

I bought a sewing machine, so that I can do some simple embroidery using it.  But I didn't succeed in that. So I started sewing some simple projects.  And here I come to you with a purse.  This time I have attached the zip using the zipper foot and the purse was made in a professional way.  I have followed the tutorial from here.  It came out perfectly.  Thanks Cindy for your excellent tutorial.

I have some Ta..da moments to share with you.The photo session is going on.  Will be back with a Ta..da post. Till then, Happy sewing.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Splendid doily - crochet

Sometime back I have seen this doily on preeti's blog.  I liked the colors and thought of giving it a try.  At that time i have bought some anchor cotton crochet thread for the first time and tried the doily with that thread. The doily was stiff and i didn't block it.  But I have come across the same doily in the net which has been blocked.  It was looking very neat.  So I have decided to block it in my free time.  Now over to the doily.


Hope all of u like it.