Thursday, September 26, 2013

Blouse Back neck Embroidery

It's been months I have done embroidery in the back neck of a blouse.  I have choosen this particular blouse because there is no confusion in selecting the colors. The saree has only embroidery in black color thread.  I have been looking and looking after so many designs, books that I have but not able to come up with a final design.  Then I have seen the stitch called Eskimo laced edging in sarah's embroidery tutorials site and thought why not we apply this stitch to the neck and succeeded in doing that. You can learn the stitch here.
 You know one thing it took only an hour (less than that) to do this.  It is simple running stitch and then going through the stitches. That's all.  At last to give the stitch a rich look I have glued the stones on the edge of each stitch.  So have a look.  How is it?
waiting for your feedbacks. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Woollen yarns, yarns, yarns

I have purchased some woollen yarn from my local store.  Oh my God how many colors and shades.  I am starving to buy so much.  But managed to buy  some according to my necessity.  And here they comes for the parade.
These are all the colors I have.

Red, orange, shades of Pink, purple, blue.

Shades of Green. White and cream.

 purple, purple, purple

Blues and Reds

Baby pink and blue.

All the above yarns are 25 gms each.  It costs only 9 rupees.  Best for table cloths, hotpads, bags.  But not apt for wearables.

 Now comes the yarns ordered from pony craft store.  Each 100gms.

Again these are also from pony but I have worked a ripple sofa back cover with these colors and this is the remaining ones.

In future I will come up with embroidery thread collections I have.  Till then, Happy crocheting.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Circle Skirt - I have done it.Yey........................

I can't believe that I started sewing.  I have sewed pillow covers earlier.  But not I have started my sewing adventures with the help of the net.  First of all I have come up with a Circle skirt. A very simple one in the cutting part but a bit tricky in sewing the elastic and the seams.  First I didn't succeed but in the second attempt I succeeded.  I have learned to sew this here.  You can find more interesting tutorials for kids in that site.   Now comes the skirt.

I have some more tutorials in my to do list.  I will come up with one by one along with embroidery. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Kutch Work Border

Today I have come up with a kutch work border.  I have used herringbone stitch for the flower and fishbone stitch for leaves.  Stems are stitched using Back stitch.  The other parts are kutch work.  I am going to use this border for a pillow case.  I have completed stitching one pillow case.  After completing the other one I will show it in another post. 

Closesup of the design.

The design has been taken from Kutch work designs book of Mridulas embroidery school.  In that book u can find all the possible designs for kutch work from simple to complex designs.  Also, I have bought a new embroidery machine and nowadays trying to do simple embroidery using machine. In the coming days I will blog about it. 
Till then,
Happy Embroidering.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Embroidered Verse 1

I have embroidered a verse from the bible using the simple stitches.  The design is taken from here.  I have used back stitch, satin stitch. 

Some of the closeups.

More verses are found in the above link.  I thought of framing it to adorn my wall.