Saturday, November 30, 2013

Crocheted bag

I have crocheted this bag sometime bag.  The pattern is from here.  It is a very easy pattern.  In the pattern it was a messenger bag.  But I have done it like a shoulder bag and I gave it to my mom.  Here comes the bag;

I have managed to stitch a zipper and lining using my sewing machine.

This is the closeup of the bag.

One last snap.  But I don't know why the picture got rotated while uploading.  Anybody know the reason?

I have crocheted two more bags and I will show them in the coming posts.  So, do watch my space.


  1. That is a very nice pattern! Good of you to put your new sewing machine to work!
    How Blogger handles pictures is still a mystery to me!

  2. nice colour and cute bag...lucky mom....

  3. That's a very pretty bag!! Lovely colors!!

  4. Cute bag. Beautiful colours. One question though. Can u plz tell me how u attached the zipper.


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