Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Kasuti Yoke

kasuti embroidery is the one with geometrical shape. when worked perfectly it gives an elegant look.  I have learned kasuti embroidery through Mridulas school  of embroidery that too thru distance education.  After that i have purchased a book from them which have detailed explanation with the patterns, routes and diagram for churidhar tops.  from the book i have worked one yoke pattern that can be stitched later.  I have worked in a black color silk cotton fabric.

The pattern consists of motifs, filler patterns that altogether forms the shape of a necklace with a pendant.  I have used anchor cotton embroidery floss. Have a look at the work and give  your feedbacks.

Close up of the pendant motif.

one more closeup.

Now I am working on the matching border for this yoke.  I will be back with another post in crochet.  Till then, Happy embroidering.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Embroidered verse - 2

I love to embroider verse.  I found a free verse pattern here.  You can find so many cute patterns there.  Used simple stitches to embroider this.  Planning to complete this as a hoop frame to hang it on the wall. I should purchase a plastic embroidery hoop from pony craft stores.  Have a look at it.

Some close ups

The stitches used are back stitch and straight stitch.  My first embroidered verse is here.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

crochet purse - Arcade stitch

While browsing thru the net we come across lots of stitches in crochet, embroidery, needlepoint emboirdery etc.  I went crazy once and saved the links for lots of crochet stitches.  I wanted to do a sampler with those stitches.  Atleast i want to crochet a small block with those stitches and then join them.  I hope one day this wish will come true.  In that to do list of stitches I like the Arcade crochet stitch. It works up quickly and i have made that piece of sample into a purse. Look at it.I have done it last year but only today i am showcasing it.  

I have learned the this stitch from here.  You can find so many crochet stitches and patterns in that blog.  Thank you Joachim for the tutorial.

Look what I have kept inside during one of our trips.

I didn't attach a zipper.  Instead I have attached a velcro. The inside look......

Want to see other pouches i have made.  Do have a look at my Yellow pouch here.

In my next post i will come with a small embroidery piece.  Till then,  Happy crocheting.