Thursday, 10 July 2014

Embroidered Leaf - Long and short stitch

From the day I started to do embroidery, long and short stitch always fascinates me.  I have come across the long and short stitch tutorials in needlenthread site.  Long time back i have bookmarked the pages and a few weeks backs the time came and I have tried Lesson 6 of long and short stitch.  The result is below.  I have used 1 strand of Anchor embroidery thread.  Have a look. 

Waiting for your feedbacks and suggestions.  Next I thought of trying a flower using long and short shading.

In my next post I will write about knitting, my new hobby.


  1. Nice job! Long and short stitch totally intimidates me!

    1. Thanks Pamela. thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Your leave is gorgeous! I stitched the same leave last year, but yours is much better. I couldn't get the angle of the stitches right.

  3. Nicely stitches Shami..good job!!

  4. Long and short stitches are not easy to make, but you have successfully 'painted' a beautiful leaf. Looking forward to seeing your flower.

  5. Such a neat work! The leaf looks beautiful!

  6. Very nice and neat work!! Looks very beautiful!! It requires lot of patience for this stitch.


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