Monday, April 26, 2021

Embroidery Design - Herringbone stitch

 Hi all 

Hope all are doing well and good.  In my embroidery stitch design series today I am happy to share with you a simple design that can be used to practice herringbone stitch.  Already I have posted a design for the same.  You can view it here.

This design can be used for dresses and it is suitable for a centre design or a round design.  Now let's move on to the design.

Pattern for the design

For both the flowers and leaves I have used herringbone stitch and centre of flower is satin stitch. 3 strands of anchor threads are used . 

Thread numbers
Flower - 65 
Set of 5 leaves - 239
Set of 3 leaves - 237
Centre of flower - 298

Tomorrow I will post the tutorial for doing the herringbone stitch.  Till then, have a nice time with needle and thread. 


  1. Very neat. Might try it one day.

  2. Such a pretty design! Herringbone stitch makes a nice filling.

  3. Isn't it fantastic when you can make both flowers and leaves with the same stitch! Beautiful design, as always.
    You have so many skills, Shami!


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