Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ferris Wheel doily

I like doilies that to in wheel  shapes and I came across this Ferris wheel doily in coatsandclark site.  It was very easy to make and can be finished within an hour in full concentration.  The exact link is here.  Have a look at it.  It looks good  as a center piece in a table especially in a black background..

With a flower vase in center of it.

This will also look good for a cushion.  I have kep it in a red background but black and white combination will goes well.

I am having so many doily patterns collected from the net in my to do list.  Whenever I am bored with embroidery I will take up one doily pattern to do.  Till then, Happy Crocheting.


  1. This is so lovely! Looks wonderful as a centre piece as well as on a cushion. It is nice to take a break from embroidery and make something else with your hands.

  2. Hi! I really like the idea of the doily on the cushion. Looks great!

  3. Your doily looks very nice and it looks pretty on both backgrounds!

  4. Beautiful work! I often place a piece of embroidery or a doily (made by my Mum) on top of a cushion for a bit of visual delight.

  5. Simple and beautiful ...looks nice as a centrepiece

  6. The doily is beautiful. It would look marvelous on a black cushion.


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