Monday, September 23, 2013

Woollen yarns, yarns, yarns

I have purchased some woollen yarn from my local store.  Oh my God how many colors and shades.  I am starving to buy so much.  But managed to buy  some according to my necessity.  And here they comes for the parade.
These are all the colors I have.

Red, orange, shades of Pink, purple, blue.

Shades of Green. White and cream.

 purple, purple, purple

Blues and Reds

Baby pink and blue.

All the above yarns are 25 gms each.  It costs only 9 rupees.  Best for table cloths, hotpads, bags.  But not apt for wearables.

 Now comes the yarns ordered from pony craft store.  Each 100gms.

Again these are also from pony but I have worked a ripple sofa back cover with these colors and this is the remaining ones.

In future I will come up with embroidery thread collections I have.  Till then, Happy crocheting.


  1. Your stashing is going great!! Pretty colors ! What yarn is that from pony craft store? I too am planning to buy from there but currently I think I must wait until I create space for new stash either by clearing the existing one or moving to new flat.

  2. Nice to see your stash. What are you planning to use all the yarn for?

  3. Wow Superb... colorful collection... All the best for your future work....


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